New Athletic Duffel by PB Athletics


PB Athletics was founded in 2017 with one mission in mind; to create a bag that allows athletes to stay hydrated and organized. We spoke with Co-Founder, Frank Priami about what inspired him and his brother to develop the Personal Hydration Duffel (PHD). 

The Co-Founders of PB Athletics, have been`youth football coaches for years, which led to the inspiration for the bag. Frustrated and concerned for the athletes they were coaching, that would come to practice everyday without enough water, and lose their belongings due to them being spread all over the ground, they wanted to come up with a solution. Thus, the PHD bag was developed to serve the duel purpose; hydration and organization.


PB Athletics has two bags: (1) Personal Hydration Duffel and (2) Elite Football PHD. Both designs ensure that athletes bring enough water to practice and games while also providing ample space for all of their personal items. The bag is designed for our ‘hands-free’ society, which is shown with the various features of the Elite Football PHD. Unlike the standard PHD, the Elite Football PHD was engineered to hold shoulder pads and even has a helmet clip.

When we asked Co-Founder, Frank Priami his favorite feature of the bag he said, “Most notably the center storage compartment to hold the water jug. It is designed to hold the jug upright in the center as to not allow the container to leak and serve as the core foundation of the bag.” You will notice, that each PHD bag comes with a half-gallon water jug which is a feature not seen in most athletic duffels.

To learn more about PB Athletics and to purchase the Personal Hydration Duffel (PHD), visit their website -

Trending Report: Sideline Props in College Football

From turnover over chains to pimp canes and even wrestling belts, sideline props are the new trend sweeping college football.

We first saw the trend two years ago when Alabama introduced their “Ball Out Belt” to entice their players to get after the ball and produce turnovers; and it worked in their favor. With the first week of College Football behind us, we started to see other schools picking up on Bama’s trend. Colorado State and Ole Miss’ have their own versions of the NWO inspired belt, while other schools are taking a different approach.


Miami introduced their “Turnover Chain” this past Saturday during their game against Bethune-Cookman. The Miami-style chain is awarded to the defensive player that gets a turnover, to rock on the sidelines.


Texas A&M showcased their maroon and white Gig ‘Em Pimp Cane during the second quarter against UCLA. The cane was inspired by A&M’s band major’s baton (mace) and from what we can see, is awarded to the player that makes a touchdown or big play. The Aggies also have their “Turnover Trashcan” that they fill throughout the game with the footballs that are recovered by the defense.

We also saw an appearance of the "Turnover Trashcan" for the Tennessee Vols in Monday night's game against Georgia Tech. The defensive player who gets the turnover, will slam dunk the ball into the trashcan. The can features this years Team Number #121. The Volunteers, number the teams based on the number of years the team has been in existence. 

What school will be next to introduce a sideline prop?

Rolling with the Rookies

By Gavin Porter

Over the last five years Haason Reddick, Mitchell Trubisky, O.J. Howard and Mike Williams have used the football field as a canvas for their work. NFL teams must have liked what they saw because all four athletes were selected in the 1st round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

But big hits, perfect throws, bone-jarring blocks and jaw-dropping catches are far from all these athletes bring to the table - or car.

Marcus Rivero, aka SolesBySir, a custom sneaker design mogul from Miami, teamed up with Hyundai to deliver unique car wraps that tell the life stories of Reddick, Trubisky, Howard and Williams.

“This was such a crazy cool project,” Rivero, who creates custom cleats for nearly 500 NFL players said. “I met four guys, four first rounders, went to four hometowns, met four families and completed the designs in less than a month. This isn’t something I’ve ever done before.”

Hyundai provided Rivero with the outline of a Hyundai Sante Fe, a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and the Sketchable app. From there Rivero traveled to each athlete’s hometown and spent time learning about their journey and who they are.

“I wanted to really get to know these guys so that the wraps would have in-depth and unique information you cannot read about,” Rivero said. “It was like an open book test. I had so many cool stories to work with but I didn’t want it to read like a novel. I wanted it to be a piece of art.”

Rivero sat one-on-one with the athletes and went over design concepts, colors, fonts and more in order to convey their voice in the car wrap. The process allowed Rivero to have fun with the design while still accurately depicting the lives of these talented players.

Each wrap took Rivero at least 15 hours to complete. Three of the designs he actually had about 80% of the way finished before scrapping the concept and running with something different.

“It was so much fun,” Rivero said. “I knew I was going to give it my all because these guys were genuinely letting me see into who they were. And when it came to the design, I have to be absolutely in love with something before I submit it and I definitely felt that way with these four pieces.”

It was truly a dream come true for Reddick, Trubisky, Howard and Williams to hear their names called on draft day. But they aren’t the only ones living the dream.

About four years ago Rivero, who is one of the top custom gear designers in the sports industry, was not in the custom scene at all. While he was a sneakerhead, he had never painted or designed his own pair of kicks.

Then one Valentine's Day he spent 20 hours on a single pair of shoes as a gift. Family and friends loved it and from there he started working with Nolan Carroll, of the Miami Dolphins. Carroll helped Rivero build his network to about ten players and from there, his business took off.

SolesBySir has reached the point that when the NFL dubbed week 13 of the 2016 season “My Cause, My Cleats”, Rivero found himself painting cleats for hundreds of athletes and even for entire teams.

“Sometimes I just think about how crazy it is that this is happening to me,” Rivero said. “I have no end goals. I am simply living the dream. I was happy with one guy, now I have half the league.”

If the NFL repeats its “My Cause, My Cleats” campaign, Rivero can expect his phone to ring with Reddick, Trubisky, Howard and Williams needing some custom cleats done. The bond that formed between Rivero and these athletes is real and the art that was created from his time with them displays that relationship.

As for what’s next for Rivero, he is not sure but he knows there is plenty of canvas left for him to leave his mark.

“Twenty years from now I can look back and know that I did everything I could to help break customization into this industry,” Rivero said. “But I’m far from finished.”


The world of sport is full of leaders. It’s these individuals that emerge at times of need and make a difference.

Leaders don’t have to be players, coaches or members of the front office. All they have to possess is passion, creativity, and determination. And the path to becoming a leader isn’t always the clearest.

For Drew Boe, he had no idea that a project during his final semester of graduate school at Virginia Tech and a mission trip to Rwanda, would transform into his life’s work.

Boe’s project consisted of developing the framework for a non-profit organization that connected the resources of the sports industry with orphanages that he had visited in Africa. This includes clothing, sunglasses, hats or any other item that can benefit those in need.

It was his experience as a student manager at the University of Minnesota and as an equipment manager at Virginia Tech, that helped Boe witness first-hand the abundance of gear that organizations have at their disposal. It became clear to Boe that the sports industry could make a life changing impact at these orphanages in Africa.

And with that knowledge, Boe started the non-profit organization Managers on a Mission.

Managers on a Mission sends aspiring sports leaders to struggling villages to lead three-week sports camps and hand delivers donated gear from athletic programs and organizations.

“I just felt like we could take advantage of that large amount of gear and maximize its impact on others,” Boe said. “Equipment directors and coaches were so willing to support the cause through the excess gear. More importantly, I knew these items could have an impact far beyond what we typically imagine.”

After working on the San Diego Chargers and Arizona Cardinals equipment staffs, Boe accepted a position at Auburn in the same department. And while Boe initially launched Managers on a Mission to be an on the side type of gig, it quickly became clear to him that it was something that required a full-time effort.

In order to boost participation and awareness, Boe created the “Clean out for a Cause” campaign, which urged equipment directors to contribute to Managers on a Mission. With initial support from coach Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech and his extensive network of equipment managers, Boe sent out an email blast and received immediate responses from managers at Oregon, Texas and North Carolina.

“It was crazy,” Boe said. “There was no reason that we should have heard back from them but they followed up and were willing to help out, from there Managers on a Mission just continued to grow.”

Since 2013 Managers on a Mission has received gear from over 80 collegiate athletic programs and more than 20 professional organizations. By listing and selling donated items on its own eBay site for charity, Managers on a Mission is able to collect 100 percent and put it towards funding missions and scholarships programs.

A major reason for Boe’s success is his familiarity with how various sports organizations operate.

“I felt confident that my knowledge of how the equipment department operates would allow me to make it easy on equipment managers, coaches, and players to donate gear,” Boe said. “We send them a box and pay for shipping, all they have to do is tape it up and drop it off.”

Ryan Grooms, the director of equipment at Notre Dame, worked with Boe at the University of Minnesota and thinks Managers on a Mission’s success is just starting.

“It blows my mind how much it has already grown,” Grooms said. “But this is only the beginning for Drew. It’s awesome to see how he runs this, it’s not some rink-a-dink operation. It’s such a good cause that he has made so professional, Managers on a Mission is only going to get bigger.”

Aside from providing orphanages with sports camps and high-quality apparel, Managers on a Mission develops future leaders of the sport so that they can utilize the resources of the sports industry to have a positive impact on others.

Managers on a Mission does this through life changing mission trips, scholarships and the opportunity to build a network of other like-minded members of the sporting world.

“It’s such a cool message and powerful platform,” Boe said. “When I signed-up to be a student manager I had no clue what opportunities existed. It takes the right doors to open and everything but there is no reason for any individual to limit where they could end up in this industry.”

Managers on a Mission is also the title sponsor for the UNISWAG Uniform of the Year Award, which was awarded to Air Force football this season. Boe’s partnership with UNISWAG is perfect for raising more awareness for Managers on a Mission and Clean out for a Cause.

“UNISWAG has the attention of equipment managers across the nation,” Boe said. “As such a young organizations it’s important that we continue to work together to generate buzz and interest in our programs.”

To learn more about MOAM’s and the opportunities that they provide, or to donate, visit Managers on a Mission.

To shop MOAM’s donations of used and excess gear check out Authentic Athletic Apparel


By Gavin Porter

The Baylor Bears are currently the number one team in college basketball.

But a 15-0 record isn’t the only thing the Bears have to boast about.

The Bears have teamed up with Nike to create glow in the dark uniform combinations. Yeah, you read that correctly. The black light initiated uniforms identified as the color “volt”.

This highlighter yellow neon look is the primary color of Baylor basketball and is a completely different color scheme than that of other Baylor sports. While the Bears still wear variations of green, black and white, volt is what gives Baylor their swag.

“There are a lot of teams that do icy whites or black outs,” said Zach Amundson, a manager for Baylor basketball. “But nobody else has highlighter as their primary color. When the black lights are shining before tip-off, the crowd gets beyond hype when they see our players glowing in the dark. It gets everyone pumped.”

Aside from getting the crowd into the game at the Ferrell Center, the uniforms also provide Baylor with an advantage in the recruiting game.

“To be a number one team and to have some of the best uniforms in college basketball is great for this program,” said Amundson. “Our color scheme is a unique element that is far from traditional but up and coming athletes really buy into it. It’s awesome that athletes see our uniforms on UNISWAG. Everyone knows about UNISWAG and to have gear that’s unique enough to be featured is a major benefit for us.”

Baylor started using the highlighter as a primary color over five years ago and since then on-the-court success has followed.

“The players pick what uniform combination they want to wear,” Amundson said. “Whether it is the black alternate or the highlighter or the white, our guys know that looking good translates into feeling good.”

Tonight Baylor is on the road against #15 West Virginia, they will be sporting their green/volt combo for the first time this season.


Craig Sager

By Gavin Porter

Today legendary broadcaster Craig Sager passed away, after his long hard-fought battle with cancer.

The cheerful courtside reporter covered sports for over 40 years and spent the longevity of his outstanding career with TNT. Just last week the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame announced that Sager would be a member of the next class of inductees.

Our prayers and sentiments go out to Sager’s family, colleagues, and friends.

In his honor, here are UNISWAG’s top-five Sager suits:

1. Sager goes all out for 2016 All-Star game in Toronto

2. Sager accepts the Jimmy V perseverance award at the 2016 ESPY’s

3. Sager goes plaid with a fishes tie in the 2016 Western Conference Finals

4. Real men rock pink: Sager reps bright suite during 2013 Eastern Conference Finals

5. Sager pulls off the purple at the 2011 All-Star game

Rest in peace to the king of courtside swag, you and your impeccable style will be dearly missed.


Meet the men behind the artwork on NFL custom cleats

By Gavin Porter

The NFL has strict policies on all gear worn during games.

But for one week, the NFL is granting its athletes the opportunity to wear custom footwear. The #MyCauseMyCleats campaign gives players an opportunity to design cleats that display creativity and represent a cause of their choice.

While big stars such as Von Miller, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, DeAndre Hopkins and more that will be sporting custom looks, there are two names that you might not recognize that are responsible for the custom cleat revolution.

Mohammed (Mo) and Dez have become the go-to guys for NFL players looking to have top of the line custom footwear.

Mo and Dez both started out in the shoe game, creating their own studios along the way. With their passion for art, sports and footwear bursting into their everyday lives, Mo set-up shop under the title Kreative Custom and Dez did the same under Dez Customz.

Little did they know that just a few months after combining the two businesses, the two talented artists would become the gold standard for custom cleats.

“Mo is such a high character guy with incredible talent,” Dez said. “We spoke about it for a few months before we decided to take the leap and go into the customization game full-time. And what a ride it’s been so far.”

When asked what it’s like to get requests from the likes of Cam Newton, Steve Smith, Julio Jones and more Mo and Dez can’t help but get excited.

“It’s the dream,” Mo said. “As an artist I grew up hoping that my art would be recognized by a few and some of the worlds premier athletes are enjoying it.”

The passion and the enjoyment that Mo and Dez get out of each pair of Nikes, Adidas, Jordan or Under Armour custom cleats is unparalleled. And it’s what has gotten them to this point in their artistic careers.

“It’s rare to see customizers work with another like we do,” Mo said. “But with Dez and I, its very much a one hundred percent partnership. He has the skill level and we both have the drive to make each piece of art something special.”

Set-up in Silverspring, Maryland on the outside of northern Washington D.C., Mo and Dez are swamped with work. Receiving request after request to create the hottest footwear and doing it with a smile on their faces.

An average week consists of anywhere between 5-25 pairs of cleats depending on what clients want and the difficulty of the art. But a week like week 13, where the NFL has opened up the heavens for custom artists is whole new territory for the two-customization pioneers.

To get an idea of how much time and effort goes into one pair of cleats you have to first understand that they don’t do stripes and color patterns. Each cleat is a canvas they intend to fill with “real live art”.

“We open up the box and go straight to paint,” Dez said. “No mock-ups. Our clients know the quality of our artwork and they trust us to pick designs and schemes for them. Some athletes definitely have specific requests but once we put paint on it, it’s all us.”

Mo and Dez spend hours to complete the project and make sure they get them to athletes before kickoff, that level of quality has helped them team-up with Under Armour to expand their client list and resources.

“It has been a huge opportunity for us. Under Armour caught wind of what we were doing and invited us to continue that at last year's NFL Combine,” Mo said. “It’s a customizer's dream. We are still our own artists and we don’t work for the company, we work with them. This way our artwork gets to touch that many more athletes and people. It’s awesome.”

Despite a strong grip on the custom cleats worn by NFL athletes Mo and Dez know that their humble beginnings and hard work have put them in this position.

“Art isn’t an easy thing to make a career out of and we are very humbled to have made it,” Dez said. “This is our dream job. You can’t put it into words what it means to turn on the TV Sundays and see people wearing your art and talking about it. It makes it all worthwhile.”

The two artists have also been a contributor to UNISWAG, and the UNISWAG’s Uniform of the Week awards. When a winner is announced, Mo and Dez custom make a trophy for the winning school.

“UNISWAG has helped us grow our brand. The fact that winning schools are looking forward to receiving the trophies and our artwork is exciting,” Dez said. “The people that follow UNISWAG are in our target market and we can’t put a price tag on that kind of exposure. We are blessed to be in this position and will continue to work our tails off.”

Following their passion for art and desire to work with footwear has taken Mo and Dez to heights they never could have imagined. And with their artwork being displayed on center stage this week.

“Five years ago you wouldn’t have ever thought about customized cleats on a football field,” Mo said.

Well Mo, thanks to you and Dez we will have an entire week dedicated to art.


Review: The SISU NextGen mouthguard

By: Gavin Porter

It’s imperative for athletes to protect their bodies, and having the best equipment provides them with the best chance to do so.

SISU is one of the top innovators in the mouthguard game, boasting new technology, the ability to customize in 11 different colors and into different sizes. Recently, SISU released its NextGen mouthguard model that is engineered with a non-compressible thermo-polymer to endure more impact than ever.

At just 1.6 mm thick, SISU NextGen is thin and comfortable. A newly designed perforation pattern allows athletes to leave their mouth guard in at all times. This allows athletes to breathe naturally, talk normally and stay properly hydrated during practice or a game.

SISU NextGen still features a wide bite pad with rounded edges, it can also be remolded if an athlete’s mouth changes.

Pricing for the SISU NextGen mouthguard varies from $19.99 to $34.99 depending on the size and model being purchased.

When you’re deciding on a new mouthguard don’t sleep on SISU NextGen. With improved technology, affordability and next level comfort, SISU delivers for athletes.

Color Rush: AFC Edition

Color Rush: Which AFC Teams brought the heat?

By: Gavin Porter

With the NFL kicking off Thursday Night Football, the league released Nike’s designs for the popular Color Rush uniforms from last season.

This time, all 32 teams have unique combinations, compared to the eight-team trial run during last season.

Which teams have the top uniforms in the AFC?


Cincinnati Bengals

   Seeing the Bengals rep an icy white with black and orange accents is stylish and refreshing. Nike did a great job of developing such a different look that still has the traditional feel.    

Seeing the Bengals rep an icy white with black and orange accents is stylish and refreshing. Nike did a great job of developing such a different look that still has the traditional feel.


Miami Dolphins

  We saw the Dolphins’ solid aqua look last season and while they weren’t bad, the orange looks great. Topped off with the white face mask and aqua edges, the Fins have a great uniform that fans should be excited about.

We saw the Dolphins’ solid aqua look last season and while they weren’t bad, the orange looks great. Topped off with the white face mask and aqua edges, the Fins have a great uniform that fans should be excited about.

Denver Broncos

  The Broncos will be sporting an awesome throwback helmet when they take on the San Diego Chargers in mid-October. Paired with the retro striping, the orange looks really crisp.

The Broncos will be sporting an awesome throwback helmet when they take on the San Diego Chargers in mid-October. Paired with the retro striping, the orange looks really crisp.

San Diego Chargers

  The white helmet with the yellow face mask does a great job of contrasting with the Chargers’ Color Rush blue unis and really complements the yellow numbers.

The white helmet with the yellow face mask does a great job of contrasting with the Chargers’ Color Rush blue unis and really complements the yellow numbers.


Tennessee Titans

  So much for switching it up. The Titans and Jaguars kept the same look they had in last   seasons   Thursday Night matchup. It’s not like the 2015 Color Rush   unis   were particularly special from the AFC South   duo  . Mixing it up could have really benefitted the two squads.

So much for switching it up. The Titans and Jaguars kept the same look they had in last seasons Thursday Night matchup. It’s not like the 2015 Color Rush unis were particularly special from the AFC South duo. Mixing it up could have really benefitted the two squads.

Cleveland Browns

  The Browns didn’t do much to make a splash. Instead, they went with uniforms similar to their regular ones. The numbers are a decent touch, however.

The Browns didn’t do much to make a splash. Instead, they went with uniforms similar to their regular ones. The numbers are a decent touch, however.

Oakland Raiders

  What a letdown. The Raiders could have put on solid black. They could have gone with solid silver. The whites with silver accents aren’t bad and it is definitely classy but there could have been a more dynamic combination put together.

What a letdown. The Raiders could have put on solid black. They could have gone with solid silver. The whites with silver accents aren’t bad and it is definitely classy but there could have been a more dynamic combination put together.

2016 UNISWAG Uniform of the Week Award

By: Gavin Porter
Opening weekend is here and it’s safe to say we’re ready for some college football.
The start of the football season also means it’s time for the UNISWAG Uniform of the Week contest to kick off. Each week, UNISWAG will count down the top 10 uniforms and present the winner with an award.
UNISWAG Uniform of the Week winners will receive a hand-painted cleat, customized to match the winning school’s uniform.
“The award is unlike any we’ve done in the past,” Skye Tilson, CEO and owner of UNISWAG, said. “The amount of detail that goes into it is incredible. In past years we’ve done a football or a helmet but designing a custom award for each school takes it to a whole new level.” 

A lil sneak peak of something special we are doing with @dezcustomz x @kreativecustomkicks #uniswag

A video posted by UNISWAG (@uniformswag) on

The design for each award will be created by Dez Customz and Kreative Custom Kicks. Adding an award that is customized to display the greatness of a uniform, in this amount of detail, is unprecedented.

“The fact that artwork allows the winner to be uniquely represented and stand out among their peers makes this award special.” Said Mohammad of Kreative Custom Kicks.

The award is used for more than looking great in a trophy case.

A major topic of conversation between football programs and potential recruits is swag. Recruits are looking for uniforms that are unique and trending. 

Appealing to the high school demographic is key and something that universities cannot afford to miss out on. Whether it’s sticking to a traditional uniform or making a dramatic change, if universities are making a positive impression on recruits with their swag, it’s the correct move.

Being the top source for athletes on all the latest uniform trends, the UNISWAG Uniform of the Week Award is something that the winning equipment staff and school can point to as an indication of their success.

Without question we have benefitted from winning the award. We use the award as a recruiting tool, as the trophy is flashy and an instant conversation starter.
— Blake Reid, Associate Athletic Director of Strategic Operations at Cincinnati
Skye and the UNISWAG crew help to create a buzz for our looks and what is exciting in our program. UNISWAG helps draw attention to our uniforms and it definitely reaches recruits.
— Jon Denio, Director of Equipment at the University of Kentucky
At the conclusion of the season, UNISWAG will select the top four uniforms of the season and leave it up to fans to decide the UNISWAG Uniform of the Year winner.
Past winners include Kentucky (2014) and Tennessee (2015).

As football season kicks off there will definitely be some hot new uniforms to take the field. Check back in with UNISWAG on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates throughout the college football season.


By Gavin Porter
New look. New swag. More hype.
That is the mission of equipment managers in the world of sports.
By teaming up with apparel heavyweights Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Jordan, the competition for the hottest uniform is as fierce as ever.
But why does it matter?
“It’s all recruiting. What we put on our players and what we are showing off is part of our brand” said Jon Denio, who is the Director of Equipment at the University of Kentucky. “It’s what 16, 17 and 18 year olds are looking at on social media. They are the kids we are targeting and the ones who are paying the most attention.”
There is no doubt that the swag schools are hooking their athletes up with, plays a role in reaching future talent. Each piece and combination of the uniform has the ability to catch the eye of potential recruits before they ever step foot in a school’s facility.
And that is an advantage schools do not want to miss out on. So whether it is a clean, traditional look such as USC’s, flashy look like Virginia Tech’s new uniforms or a throwback like Pittsburgh’s, uniforms can provide schools with a serious recruiting advantage.

Social Media has only added to the uniform frenzy, as every piece of the uniform is viewed, liked, reposted or retweeted moments after being leaked or released. Debates erupt on Instagram and Twitter triggering praise and criticism over the newest gear.

In 2014, Kentucky’s combination of a chrome helmet with their black jerseys made the Wildcats the inaugural winners of the UNISWAG Uniform of the Year. Last season the Tennessee Volunteers took the crown from the Wildcats. But the Wildcats have added a matte blue helmet to its arsenal and are primed to make a push toward recapturing the title.

Denio and the Wildcats are not the only ones bringing new heat.

Over 20 different schools have revealed new uniforms concepts for the upcoming season. One of those teams is the Cincinnati Bearcats, who released the fresh “Bearcats Red” series just a few weeks ago.

“With the red, we tried something a little different that monitored our mascot,” said Blake Reid, who is the Associate Athletic Director of Strategic Operations at Cincinnati. “By having the Bearcat, we were able to utilize color blocking and usage of our secondary mark.  This offers a new opportunity to allow fans to interact with new red apparel.”

Fans should expect the Bearcats to don the new unis sometime in October.

The number of concepts and variables that go into the creation or alteration of a uniform might be more significant than you’d think.  Equipment managers and decision makers must take into account trends, traditions, current styles, what brands are capable of and what changes the head coach approves of.

“The toughest part about creating a uniform look is deciding the story that needs to be told while allowing our fans to be a part of the excitement,” Reid said. “We could go out and design uniforms just to look cool, but if our fans can’t be a part of the experience then we aren’t doing them any favors.”

Hitting the drawing board and coming up with a unique concept can definitely be a challenge. But schools understand that it pays off in the media, with current athletes and potential recruits. Uniforms are also more than a recruiting tool. They can represent far more than some new threads to a team and its players.

“The black uniform kind of ushered in a new era of Kentucky football,” Denio said. “The special chrome helmet was a primetime option. The guys even developed a mini superstition that they play better in big games with that combo.”

Superstition or not, players get hyped to wear something they have never worn before. Because of that the creation of new color combinations and patterns won’t ever stop.

“Swag becomes a part of the culture because the athletes spend so much time dreaming of playing,” Reid said. “This is their chance to go out and emulate those visions.


Oregon has introduced the latest in sports performance technology with the Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center.  The center will house everything Oregon's student-athletes need, including the Sports Science Area, Recovery Area, Physiology Area, Movement Area, and the new Equipment room. 
"Entering from the west, student-athletes walk into a trophy lobby that is a stunning tribute to the Sports Performance Center's namesake. Trophies for the Walter Camp Player of the Year, Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, Davey O'Brien Award, Maxwell Award and Manning Award reside in the lobby. One wall has a remarkable transparent LED flat screen television that alternately shows highlights of Marcus Mariota, and then reveals a shadowbox with memorabilia of his from Hawaii. There is also a playful illustration of a Pacific Ocean scene, complete with the Duck on a surfboard."
The new equipment room is one of the gems in this facility.  "Overall, the new equipment room has 2.5 miles of shelving, and makes the most of the area's 19-foot ceilings through the use of a customized shelving system built by SpaceSaver Inc. The 16-foot shelves that slide on a system of rails are the tallest, most distinctive customized system SpaceSaver has ever built for an athletic equipment room."
One unique feature is the Ducks now have a "Fighting Ducks" throne to sit down in and try on all the new footwear that the team receives.  
"Our hope was to recreate a Niketown-like atmosphere, with bright lighting and a lot of energy to showcase all of the unique features of our uniforms and other equipment," stated Wasson (Director of Equipment Operations).


By Gavin Porter
When it comes to picking a mouthguard to protect your teeth it is hard to argue against technology.  SISU mouthguards provide athletes with great protection, the ability to customize the fit of the mouthguard and unmatched freedom.  Made from a comfortable perforated material, these mouth guards allow for easy breathing, drinking and talking.
The thin but tough SISU mouthguards are 8 times more durable and 30 to 50 percent stronger than conventional mouthguards.  Coming in at 1.6mm and 2.4mm thick, the ultra-thin SISU mouthgaurds are available in 11 different colors.
Due to the reduced size of SISU mouthguards, athletes do not need to remove it from their mouth making SISU mouthguards the most hygienic mouthguard on the market.  SISU mouthguards also have the ability to remold anytime an athlete feels they need to try a new fit.
Pricing of the mouthguards varies from $19.99 to $34.99 depending on which size is needed.
The dynamic design of SISU mouthguards gives athletes all the freedom, comfort and protection they could ever want while out on the football field.