Review: The SISU NextGen mouthguard

By: Gavin Porter

It’s imperative for athletes to protect their bodies, and having the best equipment provides them with the best chance to do so.

SISU is one of the top innovators in the mouthguard game, boasting new technology, the ability to customize in 11 different colors and into different sizes. Recently, SISU released its NextGen mouthguard model that is engineered with a non-compressible thermo-polymer to endure more impact than ever.

At just 1.6 mm thick, SISU NextGen is thin and comfortable. A newly designed perforation pattern allows athletes to leave their mouth guard in at all times. This allows athletes to breathe naturally, talk normally and stay properly hydrated during practice or a game.

SISU NextGen still features a wide bite pad with rounded edges, it can also be remolded if an athlete’s mouth changes.

Pricing for the SISU NextGen mouthguard varies from $19.99 to $34.99 depending on the size and model being purchased.

When you’re deciding on a new mouthguard don’t sleep on SISU NextGen. With improved technology, affordability and next level comfort, SISU delivers for athletes.