By Gavin Porter

The Baylor Bears are currently the number one team in college basketball.

But a 15-0 record isn’t the only thing the Bears have to boast about.

The Bears have teamed up with Nike to create glow in the dark uniform combinations. Yeah, you read that correctly. The black light initiated uniforms identified as the color “volt”.

This highlighter yellow neon look is the primary color of Baylor basketball and is a completely different color scheme than that of other Baylor sports. While the Bears still wear variations of green, black and white, volt is what gives Baylor their swag.

“There are a lot of teams that do icy whites or black outs,” said Zach Amundson, a manager for Baylor basketball. “But nobody else has highlighter as their primary color. When the black lights are shining before tip-off, the crowd gets beyond hype when they see our players glowing in the dark. It gets everyone pumped.”

Aside from getting the crowd into the game at the Ferrell Center, the uniforms also provide Baylor with an advantage in the recruiting game.

“To be a number one team and to have some of the best uniforms in college basketball is great for this program,” said Amundson. “Our color scheme is a unique element that is far from traditional but up and coming athletes really buy into it. It’s awesome that athletes see our uniforms on UNISWAG. Everyone knows about UNISWAG and to have gear that’s unique enough to be featured is a major benefit for us.”

Baylor started using the highlighter as a primary color over five years ago and since then on-the-court success has followed.

“The players pick what uniform combination they want to wear,” Amundson said. “Whether it is the black alternate or the highlighter or the white, our guys know that looking good translates into feeling good.”

Tonight Baylor is on the road against #15 West Virginia, they will be sporting their green/volt combo for the first time this season.