2016 UNISWAG Uniform of the Week Award

By: Gavin Porter
Opening weekend is here and it’s safe to say we’re ready for some college football.
The start of the football season also means it’s time for the UNISWAG Uniform of the Week contest to kick off. Each week, UNISWAG will count down the top 10 uniforms and present the winner with an award.
UNISWAG Uniform of the Week winners will receive a hand-painted cleat, customized to match the winning school’s uniform.
“The award is unlike any we’ve done in the past,” Skye Tilson, CEO and owner of UNISWAG, said. “The amount of detail that goes into it is incredible. In past years we’ve done a football or a helmet but designing a custom award for each school takes it to a whole new level.” 

A lil sneak peak of something special we are doing with @dezcustomz x @kreativecustomkicks #uniswag

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The design for each award will be created by Dez Customz and Kreative Custom Kicks. Adding an award that is customized to display the greatness of a uniform, in this amount of detail, is unprecedented.

“The fact that artwork allows the winner to be uniquely represented and stand out among their peers makes this award special.” Said Mohammad of Kreative Custom Kicks.

The award is used for more than looking great in a trophy case.

A major topic of conversation between football programs and potential recruits is swag. Recruits are looking for uniforms that are unique and trending. 

Appealing to the high school demographic is key and something that universities cannot afford to miss out on. Whether it’s sticking to a traditional uniform or making a dramatic change, if universities are making a positive impression on recruits with their swag, it’s the correct move.

Being the top source for athletes on all the latest uniform trends, the UNISWAG Uniform of the Week Award is something that the winning equipment staff and school can point to as an indication of their success.

Without question we have benefitted from winning the award. We use the award as a recruiting tool, as the trophy is flashy and an instant conversation starter.
— Blake Reid, Associate Athletic Director of Strategic Operations at Cincinnati
Skye and the UNISWAG crew help to create a buzz for our looks and what is exciting in our program. UNISWAG helps draw attention to our uniforms and it definitely reaches recruits.
— Jon Denio, Director of Equipment at the University of Kentucky
At the conclusion of the season, UNISWAG will select the top four uniforms of the season and leave it up to fans to decide the UNISWAG Uniform of the Year winner.
Past winners include Kentucky (2014) and Tennessee (2015).

As football season kicks off there will definitely be some hot new uniforms to take the field. Check back in with UNISWAG on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates throughout the college football season.