NFL Week 7 Custom Cleats

By Gavin Porter
Last year it was a trending dance that took the athletes of the NFL by storm. This year, the dab craze is over and it’s all about pregame fire.
NFL stars are wearing all sorts of custom cleats during their pregame routine. Some players even have multiple pairs to rep before kickoff. Due to NFL regulations, athletes must wear cleats that represent their team’s colors but what they wear prior to kickoff is unregulated.
Each week UNISWAG will bring you a recap of the top custom cleats from around the league.
Let’s jump right into it.

Odell Beckham Jr. makes his presence felt in London

With taste and class, Odell Beckham Jr. stepped out onto the grass at Twickenham Stadium laced up in custom Burberry cleats. The Burberry pattern pays homage to the style developed in London, where Beckham and his Giants prevailed over the Los Angeles Rams with a victory on Sunday.
For game time Beckham busted out a pair of cleats with the trademark patterns to pay tribute to iconic British rock bands The Rolling Stones and The Who.
The switch was brilliant in that it allowed Beckham Jr. to continue to wear his customized cleats while still adhering to the NFL’s rules and regulations. Well done Odell, well done.  

McKinnon is out for Harambe

Jerick McKinnon, a running back for the Minnesota Vikings, took his cleat game to whole new level on Sunday.

Before the Vikes lined-up to take on the Philadelphia Eagles, McKinnon paid his respects to Harambe; the gorilla shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo this past May. Harambe’s death has sparked countless memes, songs and outrage; and continues to be a pop culture topic.

Mohamad Sanu brings power to pink week

October is here and that means pink week has been in full effect. Atlanta Falcon’s wide receiver Mohamad Sanu echoed his support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with some nostalgic custom kicks.
Sanu wore the Pink Power Ranger cleats to encourage others to #JoinTheFight and take the necessary steps to combat Breast Cancer. Not to mention the fact that these Kreative Custom cleats are awesome.
Who do you think had the best custom cleats during Week 7?