NFL Week 9 Custom Cleat Recap

By Gavin Porter

It’s November, and in the NFL that means athletes, coaches and teams will be paying tribute to members of the United States military with the NFL’s Salute to Service campaign.

And UNISWAG has you covered on the top custom looks from this week.

Odell Beckham Jr. Salute To Service

Before the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles faced off Sunday, Odell Beckham Jr. came out in these Star Wars battle field cleats, showing Yoda lead the Jedis onto the battlefield. 
Odell then switched over to these awesome brown and green camouflage bape cleats. On top of a tan base and combined with a military toothed red, white and blue Nike swoosh, ODB’s Salute to Service cleats are classy and pretty awesome.

Jalen Ramsey with the Jaguar Jumpman’s

First round pick Jalen Ramsey sported some new swag today as the Jacksonville Jaguars traveled to take on the Kansas Chiefs at Arrowhead.
Ramsey’s unique Jordan cleats highlight the Jaguar’s colors of black, gold, teal and white. The front of the defensive backs custom cleats fade from black to teal to white at the tip.

Jarvis Landry shows off the Bape Mouth

Aqua green cleats highlighted by an orange tongue helped Jarvis Landry standout Sunday morning. Add an artistically painted bape mouth to the cleat and you have one of the best pairs of cleats from around the league. The side of Landry’s cleats featured orange meshed with the Miami Dolphin’s trademark aqua. 

Von Miller’s custom cleats outshine the competition

Super Bowl MVP Von Miller is all about making a splash, on the field he is a star and he has the pregame swag to back it up. Miller was seen sporting these silver spiked adidas cleats before the Denver Broncos primetime showdown with the Oakland Raiders. Miller also sported matching white and silver spiked gloves.
Who do you think had the best custom cleats during Week 9?