UNISWAG Week 7 Countdown

Each week UNISWAG ranks the top 10 best college uniforms in the UNISWAG Countdown. Here are the top 10 uniforms from Week 7.

Air Force APLS F-35 Lightning II Alternate Unis

The newest addition to the Air Power Legacy Series is the F-35 Lightning ll Alternate uniforms. The team will rock these unis 10/14 against UNLV. The helmets for the F-35 uniform is modeled after the official helmets worn by pilots that fly the F-35s. The team will sport five different designs for the helmet this year, the Air Force logo will be on one side of all the helmets while on the other there will be a decal that represents the five different F-35A operational fighter squadrons.

UCF Space Uniforms

UCF will wear a special uniform paying homage to the space program that the school was founded to help support in 1963. The center stripe of the helmet shows different constellations and galaxies. While the UCF logo on the sides of the helmet showcase the surface of the moon. The black jersey will have Mission Patch on the left chest that has UCF motto 'Reach for the Stars' in it.

Florida 'Gators' Alternate Uniform

Florida and Nike have been working on the 'Gators' uniform for over 18 months. This will be the first time Florida goes away from the traditional Blue and Orange and will replace it with a Swamp Green. The team is embracing their inner Gator with a uniform that mimics that of an actual alligator. The Gators helmet is a Swamp Green color with a satin finish and will display the Gator Head logo on one side. The Swamp Green continues down into the jersey that is covered in gator print. The pants are a solid Swamp Green color showing the Gator Head logo on the hip. Then we will see the gator print pick back up on the player's gloves and cleats. This uniform is one of a kind and will be sure to draw its fair share of lovers and haters.

UNISWAG Week 6 Countdown

Each week UNISWAG ranks the top 10 best college uniforms in the UNISWAG Countdown. Here are the top 10 uniforms from Week 6.

Georgia Southern Erk Russell Classic Unis

Georgia Southern will pay homage to the great Coach Erk Russell with these classic uniforms. The helmets the Eagles will wear feature a script "Eagles" on one side just like on the shirt he made famous. The front bumper of the helmets will read "ERK".

"The jerseys and pants will be grey and the entire uniform combination has several homages to Russell and the history of Georgia Southern Athletics, including:
• the stripes going down the sides to represent the three national championships won under Russell
• the stripes also symbolize Beautiful Eagle Creek, which Russell turned into a treasure among Eagle Nation
• the middle stripe is gold to signify the rich history of Georgia Southern football and the unprecedented six NCAA I-AA national titles
• the script "Eagles" on the jersey and helmet
• the stripes on the sides of the pants stop at the thighs before reaching the bottom of the pants, representing the athletic department's current motto of "Continue the Journey" as it has made the move to the FBS and the Sun Belt Conference."
via GS Football.

We will see these uniforms take the field against New Mexico State for the Homecoming game on Oct. 14.

UNISWAG Week 5 Countdown

Each week UNISWAG ranks the top 10 best college uniforms in the UNISWAG Countdown. Here are the top 10 uniforms from Week 5.

Week Five Friday Night Lights

Bishop Gorman (NV)

Bishop Gorman rocked icy whites this week, accenting the uni with blue and orange numbers, logo on their pants, and the large Knight decal on the lids. 

Bishop G.jpg

St. Paul High Swordsman (CA)

The Swordsman donned an iconic adidas patterned  blue on blue jerseys this week. They completed the look with a silver helmet with a blue chrome sword decal acting as the stripe. 


Cartersville Canes (GA)

Cartersville looked crisp in these blue and gold unis. The Canes rocked navy tops with gold pants and lids. The Helmet featured "Canes" written in cursive along the sides. 


Chandler High School (AZ)

Chandler High wore a sleek jersey combo this week. The black on black jersey and pants with blue accents. They rocked matching lids which faded from blue to black. 


Harrison Hoyas (GA)

The Hoyas green on black unis featured a black and white stripe across the shoulder and elevated it withe a sold black lid and chrome green "H". 


Written by Zach Luben

Nebraska '97 Throwbacks

Nebraska will bust out a throwback uniform to honor the great 1997 team that went 13-0. The Husker ‘97 alternate football uniforms commemorate the 20th anniversary of the championship team that averaged a margin of victory by 30 points and produced five All-Americans, a Lombardi Award winner and an Outland Trophy winner.

adidas was able to recreate the famous mesh jerseys that Nebraska was known for in the 1990's. The baselayer has the “Huskers” wordmark across the chest and is accented with traditional stripes on the sleeves to help replicate the old school jersey look. 

NC State 'Black Howl' Uniform

NC State is taking on Louisville Thursday night and will be wearing their 'Black Howl' uniforms. The black-based unis offer up an intimidating look with some chrome accents to flash under the lights. We will see the Tuffy logo on the sides of the helmets again this week but in a chromed out version to match the chrome facemask.



Colorado State will take the field on 11.11.17 against Boise State wearing their Colorado State Pride uniforms. The new uniforms are mostly white, while the players' helmets will sport the red and gold "C" recognizable on the state flag. The royal blue stripes of the flag run along the center of the helmet from front to back, and down the outside of each pant leg. Jersey numbers are royal with red trim, and the words "Colorado State" appear in royal above the number on the front of the jersey.


Each week UNISWAG ranks the top 10 best college uniforms in the UNISWAG Countdown. Here are the top 10 uniforms from Week 4.

Penn State's "Generation of Greatness" Throwback Uniforms

Penn State will honor the great teams of the past with the "Generation of Greatness" uniform. This uniform highlights different eras of Penn State's historic past with unique elements throughout the new uniform. 

The Nittany Lions will add the numbers to the sides of the helmets like they had from 1959-61 and then again from 1967-74. The block uniform numbers are similar to those uniform numbers that were worn from the mid-1950s to 1966. Penn State’s uniform had a white stripe on the sleeve several times, including 1957-66, 1982-89 and 1992-2011. The blue stripe on the pants was worn during the 1952-68 seasons. The stripes on the socks take their inspiration from the striped sock worn on game days from 1970-72. In 1959-86 the gray facemask was worn by the team. The team will wear white cleats to honor the 1979 Sugar Bowl team.

This uniform shows the great traditions of Penn State football while staying true to their traditional look.


The Razorbacks will honor Jerry Jones when they take the field against Texas A&M at AT&T Stadium. The team has created uniforms inspired from that of the Dallas Cowboys in honor of Jerry's induction in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The uniform matches every detail from the number font and shoulder stripes to the label maker names on the backs of the helmets.

“What do you give a man who’s had everything and now is going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame? When I saw this idea, I thought there it is.” said Jeff Long Arkansas AD.

Jerry Jones Jones was a co-captain on the 1964 National Championship Razorbacks team.


Each week UNISWAG ranks the top 10 best college uniforms in the UNISWAG Countdown. Here are the top 10 uniforms from Week 3.

Week Four Featured Friday Night Lights Uniforms

Point Boro (NJ)

The Point Boro Panthers went with an icy white jersey combo with matte black lids this week.

Point Boro.jpeg

Marcus Marauders (TX)

The Marauders wore a legit lid this week. They went with a detailed logo featuring a raider on horseback with metallic accents.


Jesuit College prep (TX)

Jesuit College Prep wore dark grey jerseys and pants with some solid navy, gold lined numbers. They completed the look with dark navy blue lids with a metallic gold logo.


Mountain View Mavs (ID)

The Mountain View Mavs wore an all grey uni combo this week. Mixing their secondary colors into the design for a clean look.


Sequin High School (TX)

The Sequin Cougars brought out a dope uniform combo this week. Going with chrome lids, black adidas jerseys and solid white pants.



Oregon State rocked their Men of Iron uniforms this past weekend which landed them the number two spot on the UNISWAG Countdown this week. The team went flashy for the new "11 Strong" uniforms that feature black pants, gray jerseys, and a black helmet with an orange stripe and metallic logo. Here is the mantra the uniforms were built around.



Each week UNISWAG ranks the top 10 best college uniforms in the UNISWAG Countdown. Here are the top 10 uniforms from Week 2.

Cal Joe Roth Uniforms

Cal has unveiled their tribute uniforms to the Joe Roth era. Roth was an All-American quarterback at the University of California. He played the 1976 season with melanoma and passed away three months after his last regular season game. Later that year, Roth's number 12 jersey was retired, the only number currently retired by the California Golden Bears football program. The team will honor Joe with these retro uniforms to mimic the uniforms he wore as a Cal Bear.

Week Three Featured Friday Night Lights Uniforms

Peoria High Lions (IL)

Peoria High School wore some sweet lids this week. They went with a matte maroon base with metallic facemask and silver decals. The back of the helmet features the Peoria skyline.

South Hagerstown Rebels (MD)

The Rebels’ helmet design this week was lit.. Their lids paid homage to their home state of Maryland, with the center tripe being the Maryland state flag in their school’s colors.


Helix High School Highlanders (CA)

The Helix Highlanders are known for producing many big name recruits, but this week they produced a dope uni combo. The white lids and pants with the grey top compliment each other to make a clean look. The contrasting colors of the logo on the helmet and the jersey numbers balance out the neutral colors of the uni.


Fisher High Bunnies (IL)

Fisher High Bunnies pulled out fire lids this week. The front of their helmets feature a snarling bunny in a metallic orange.


Bergen Catholic High Crusaders (NJ)

This week the Bergen Catholic Crusaders rocked gold chrome lids. The helmet featured a big metallic red and white outlined ‘BC’ on one side and matching red facemask. These gold domes sat on top of a red on red jersey combo making for a clean look.  


By Zach Luben