Week 5 Top 10 Uniforms

10. Memphis

Memphis shows up again in the uniform department with these chrome helmets.

9. USF

The #SoFlo uni is a bright look that may not be for all, but we are fans.

8. Troy

The chrome helmets for Troy including the new dagger T were paired with the anthracite unis. 


The chrome helmet fading into the blue chrome facemask lands MTSU the #7 spot.

6. Purdue

Purdue came out in their new white helmets that gave their uni such a clean overall look.

5. Maryland

The Black Ops hand panted helmets with the blackout unis shows us that Maryland is still producing some of the best unis.

4. Oregon 

We are a huge fan anytime Oregon comes out in yellow and this week they had a great combination.

3. Oklahoma

The Rough Rider uniform combination for the Sooners are a great tribute to their past and those helmets are amazing.

2. Baylor

The Gunmetal gray helmet and uniforms for Baylor fell just short of taking the top spot this week.

1. Arizona State

The copper paired with the gray and white for the Sun Devils really brought the Hammer this week.