LA Stadium Design

The Chargers and Raiders have overhauled their design for the potential LA stadium the two teams could share.  The new designs were presented to Commissioner Goodell this past week in New York.  
"We wanted the building to be iconic and sleek, like a luxury sports car," said David Manica, president of Manica Architecture, who is designing the stadium. "Very aerodynamic, in motion, flowing lines from every angle."
A unique feature of the new stadium design is a giant tower on the concourse.  Depending on which team was playing, the tower would change functions.  When the Chargers are to play it would simulate bolts of lightning and when the Raiders play it would burn a flame in honor of the late Al Davis.
For the seat color the design team has introduced the idea of clear seats that would reflect the different color light that would shine on them allowing them to change colors for the team playing.  
It will be exciting to see if the the NFL allows the teams to make the move.