NFL Custom Facemask and Visors

The NFL has very strict rules on what players can and can't wear during games, but the OTAs and practice are fair game.  Yesterday marked the first day of OTAs for most NFL teams and this is when we get a look at just how creative players can be in what they wear out on the field.  The two biggest trends that hit the practice field are custom visors and custom facemasks. 
The facemask customization started with Darnell Dockett and the crazy custom masks he shows up with every year has made many other players jump on board with the unique facemasks. The NFL very quickly squashed any of these masks being allowed to be worn in an actual game but it is still really cool to see what could be. 
The second trend that you see a lot on the practice field is custom helmet visors.  The players wear anything from a tinted visor, mirror visor, iridium visor, and now visors that have the teams logo on them.  We have seen more and more teams get these custom logo visors for their players to wear during practice.