Nike College Golf Uniforms

Nike has created some new golf uniforms for some of the nations top golf teams that will compete in the NCAA Men's Golf Championship.  We will see the new uniforms worn on the first and last day of the tournament.  A unique aspect Nike has added to the uniforms is player numbers on each jersey.  Nike took the number font from each schools football team and incorporated it in the golf uniform allowing the players to choose a number.
“Our team is so excited about actually having a jersey,” said University of Washington head coach Matt Thurmond. “They loved picking their number and it was fun to reveal them to the team. We are athletes. Athletes have jerseys. Maybe in a couple years the kids back home will be buying the jerseys of our top players and wearing them when they play, wanting to be like them. Hopefully this is the start of every high school and college golfer feeling like an athlete on a real team, as they should. I love that Nike is out front on this.”
"Teams from the West Coast, including the University of Oregon, Stanford University, the University of Southern California and the University of Washington, feature specially designed uniforms based on the Nike Afterburner Polo with a fade pattern in team colors.  Designs for Vanderbilt University and the University of Oklahoma use the Nike Commander Polo. Each shirt features the school’s secondary color on the sleeves.  The University of Georgia and Duke University will wear the Nike Major Moment Polo, the same polo worn by Rory McIlroy at The Masters, in their school colors." Nike