New Husker Bold Nebraska Uniforms

Nebraska and Adidas have released the newest uniform for the Huskers named "Husker Bold".  The uniform is a blacked out uniform with red metallic running throughout.  
"Centered around a bold, black colorway, the new look features metallic red numbers with a forged steel outline, combined with a modernized, metallic version of the classic Nebraska stripes that accent the jersey and pants. Providing form and function, the numbers and stripes are serrated, allowing for maximum ventilation and range of motion. Additional detailing includes an oversized, bold "N" logo that is integrated into the pant stripe to match the logo on the helmet and the "Huskers" team moniker is subtlety woven into the fabric on the side of the jerseys." Adidas press release. 
We will get our first look at the new uniforms Saturday, October 24th for the team's Homecoming game against Northwestern.