New Raptors Uniforms

The Raptors have unveiled their new uniform design for the upcoming season.  The new uniforms pay tribute to Toronto and Canada.  The main colors remain the same red and black, Canada's national colors.  The chevron design on the sides of the jersey will now point north to play with the "We The North" slogan for the team.  The silver lining will now go around the numbers for a throwback element to the past.  The names on the back are now arched instead of straight across.  "We The North" is on a tag facing up to the players for them to see while tucking in their jerseys to always serve as a reminder of what they are representing.  The Canadian national symbol, the Maple Leaf,  will be on the front waistline of the shorts.  Also the shorts "T.O" on the sides showing love to Toronto which is refered to as the "T Dot."