Michigan State Spartan Uniforms

Michigan State busted out their alternate Spartan uniforms for their top 10 matchup against the Ducks.  The uniforms showcase and symbolize MSU's on-field bravery with the Greek phrase, "molon labe," embroidered in the back collar of every jersey, echoing King Leonidas’s battle cry to “come and get them” as the Spartans take the field. 

"The phalanx battle formation, perfected by ancient Spartan warriors, represents an impenetrable unified front and is known as one of the most feared tactical formations in history. The all-new alternate Spartan football uniform brings this story to life, visually representing the phalanx when the team stands side-by-side on the field. Influenced by Spartan shields, bronze sleeve caps house the MSU logo and pay homage to the gridiron warrior’s homeland. The alternate jersey also features subtle bronze highlights throughout the design." Nike