adidas has unveiled the 'Young Patriot' uniform and footwear for Mississippi State and Louisville.
"The theme for the 'Young Patriot' pack fuses traditional stars and stripes shapes and patterns with a black and white color palette popular in street culture and apparel trends." - adidas
"adidas designers implemented an all-new texturized printing technique, which is highlighted with a graphic that starts with a black base at the heel and evolves into flowing stars on the exterior and waving stripes on the interior of the cleats, leading to a white base at the toe. This design takes cues from the shock waves and vapor trails created by the U.S. military's fastest planes. The progression of the pattern from heel-to-toe mimics a spiral structure reminiscent from the scenes left behind in the sky after fighter jets fly over football games during the national anthem." - adidas
The 'Young Patriot' cleats give adidas another weapon in their #Cleathead arsenal.