Oregon's "Villains" Uniform

Oregon unleashes their Villain uniform, the counter part of any good superhero.
"Superheroes have alter egos, or in Latin, "The Other I." It lives and breathes inside of them. They are strong as the Hero and sometimes stronger as the Villain. "The Other I" can take over their psyche. Without one another, they are weak. They are unbalanced." -Oregon
We will see the Ducks break out their Galaxy helmets, seen a year ago but with the classic O on either side this time.  The white base jersey will have another unique wing patter on the shoulders that is being used for the first time.  To finish off the Villain look we will see black pants with white and black accessories.
To release this look, Oregon allowed a group of top recruits to break the news on social media.  Is this a new trend we will start to see more of?