Once a Duck, Always a Duck

Oregon has introduced a different look than we have seen from them with the 'Once a Duck, Always a Duck' look.  The mascot 'Puddles' is regarded as one of the most popular mascots in college football from his funny videos on social media to his crazy game day shenanigans.  Oregon recognizes him as the 'Silent King of Eugene' and rightfully so.
The football team has seen an evolution from the crazy winged helmets to the traditional O and Puddles the mascot logos.  The uniform pays homage to the Silent King with an orange face mask on their Galaxy helmets to mimic a duck beak.  Then, we see the special Once a Duck, Always a Duck jersey with the saying around the player's collar.  The pants will be accompanied with orange socks and shoes to resemble Puddle's legs and webbed feet.
This is one of the most unique looks we have seen from the Ducks and it will be interesting to see the fans reaction.