Oregons "THE RAD" Uniform

We get our first look at what Oregon will take the field in for Week 1.  The uniform named "THE RAD" is inspired by Oregon's Strength and Conditioning Coach, Coach Rad, who is a blue collar, hard working coach.
"Although his innovation and methodology were often unique in nature and practice, his blue-collar ethics and never-changing look of wearing a grey heather tee were also cemented into a student-athlete's pillar of success in his or her training with Coach Rad." said Oregon.
You will see a matte black helmet with the Oregon O on the sides.  Then the jersey will be a grey heather collar just like the shirt Coach Rad is always wearing.  On the front of the neck you will find Citius. Altius. Fortius. that translates to Faster. Higher. Stronger.  The pants will round out the dark theme of the uniform with combat duck on the players gloves.
With this Week 1 look for Oregon they have already set the bar high.