New Athletic Duffel by PB Athletics


PB Athletics was founded in 2017 with one mission in mind; to create a bag that allows athletes to stay hydrated and organized. We spoke with Co-Founder, Frank Priami about what inspired him and his brother to develop the Personal Hydration Duffel (PHD). 

The Co-Founders of PB Athletics, have been`youth football coaches for years, which led to the inspiration for the bag. Frustrated and concerned for the athletes they were coaching, that would come to practice everyday without enough water, and lose their belongings due to them being spread all over the ground, they wanted to come up with a solution. Thus, the PHD bag was developed to serve the duel purpose; hydration and organization.


PB Athletics has two bags: (1) Personal Hydration Duffel and (2) Elite Football PHD. Both designs ensure that athletes bring enough water to practice and games while also providing ample space for all of their personal items. The bag is designed for our ‘hands-free’ society, which is shown with the various features of the Elite Football PHD. Unlike the standard PHD, the Elite Football PHD was engineered to hold shoulder pads and even has a helmet clip.

When we asked Co-Founder, Frank Priami his favorite feature of the bag he said, “Most notably the center storage compartment to hold the water jug. It is designed to hold the jug upright in the center as to not allow the container to leak and serve as the core foundation of the bag.” You will notice, that each PHD bag comes with a half-gallon water jug which is a feature not seen in most athletic duffels.

To learn more about PB Athletics and to purchase the Personal Hydration Duffel (PHD), visit their website -

Skye Tilson