Trending Report: Sideline Props in College Football

From turnover over chains to pimp canes and even wrestling belts, sideline props are the new trend sweeping college football.

We first saw the trend two years ago when Alabama introduced their “Ball Out Belt” to entice their players to get after the ball and produce turnovers; and it worked in their favor. With the first week of College Football behind us, we started to see other schools picking up on Bama’s trend. Colorado State and Ole Miss’ have their own versions of the NWO inspired belt, while other schools are taking a different approach.


Miami introduced their “Turnover Chain” this past Saturday during their game against Bethune-Cookman. The Miami-style chain is awarded to the defensive player that gets a turnover, to rock on the sidelines.


Texas A&M showcased their maroon and white Gig ‘Em Pimp Cane during the second quarter against UCLA. The cane was inspired by A&M’s band major’s baton (mace) and from what we can see, is awarded to the player that makes a touchdown or big play. The Aggies also have their “Turnover Trashcan” that they fill throughout the game with the footballs that are recovered by the defense.

We also saw an appearance of the "Turnover Trashcan" for the Tennessee Vols in Monday night's game against Georgia Tech. The defensive player who gets the turnover, will slam dunk the ball into the trashcan. The can features this years Team Number #121. The Volunteers, number the teams based on the number of years the team has been in existence. 

What school will be next to introduce a sideline prop?

Skye Tilson