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New Uniforms for Syracuse Football

The Syracuse Football team introduced their new uniforms that we will see them hit the field in during the 2019-20 season. The new unis featured custom design elements, along with Nike's Vapor Untouchable technology, giving the uniforms a blend of the Orange's historic past with the latest in uniform innovation. The unique design elements for the uniforms show off a bold sleeve stripe that take us back to the days when Jim Brown and Larry Csonka hit the field during the 1950s and ‘60s. On the front of the neck we see the Syracuse block-S patch that is now raised with a texture meant to resemble the hard edges of the Dome's architecture. Found on the inside of the neckline for the players to see are the words “For The Glory”. The return of the pant stripes is a nod to the uniforms worn prior to the 2014 season.

Syracuse will have three colors of jerseys and pants for the 2019-20 season including – orange, blue and white. We will see two helmet options for the team, with the traditional orange in high gloss and white. Both will feature the Syracuse block S logo on either side. The team will have 18 different uniform combos to choose from for the upcoming season.

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New Uniforms for USF

The USF Bulls has revealed their new uniforms for the upcoming football season. The Bulls will be the first team to wear adidas’ newest creation in the A1 uniform line, the new adidas WVN A1 uniform. The new uniforms will feature advanced technology with the four-way stretch woven fabric combined with stretch mesh paneling built into the jersey and pant. The new technology will provide for an advanced range of motion, compression fit and superior ventilation found throughout the uniform.

"We are very excited that in the second year of our partnership with adidas our football team will be the only one in the country wearing their lightest weight uniforms. We look forward to the Bulls looking great and feeling great in the new lightweight, breathable material." - Michael Kelly USF Vice President of Athletics

The design of the new look revealed a green uniform for home games and white uniform for away. The new jersey designs for both home and away feature gold horns on each should in a metallic finish. We see the same metallic gold material highlighting the numbers and lettering on the uniforms. The team’s chrome gold helmet will serve as their standard helmet for both sets of uniforms.

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Colorado State Homecoming Helmet

Colorado State has revealed their special helmets for the homecoming game this season. The team will honor the 150 year mark of Colorado State University with these special helmets. The rams will trade in their standard ram horns for the university ram head logo that will be featured on both sides of the helmet. Down the center we will see a green and gold stripe along with a special 150 year logo on the back. As the season approaches we will keep an eye out for any new uniforms the Rams may roll out.

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New Uniforms for Vanderbilt Football

Vanderbilt Football released their new uniforms for the upcoming season. The Commodores showed off two new looks, with their all black and all white unis. Within the numbers we see the details of a repeating anchor pattern. On both jerseys the sleeves feature a gray colorway with a ghost anchor pattern. The stitching on both sets of uniforms pops with different color threads to give an extra element of detail. We see both uniforms paired with the team’s black helmet that features the anchor chain as the center stripe. On the inside of the neck line the Vanderbilt anchor chain is stitched in and that same pattern subtly down the pants sides. Look for Vanderbilt to have a few more uniforms in their arsenal this coming season.

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New Threads for NFL Players

The NFL had some movement of its biggest names this off season. As the 2019 NFL season quickly approaches we see players report for camp and with that comes media day. This is the first time we get to see some of the players in their new teams uniforms. Take a look below at some of the top players that have changed teams this season in their new threads.

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Chicago Bears Throwback Uniform

The Chicago Bears revealed their new classic uniform during the Opening Ceremonies of the Bears100 Celebration Weekend. The uni turns back the clocks to the 1936 season. The retro look features a white jersey with the Bears100 patch, navy and orange stripes on the shoulders and sleeves, navy numbers and letters, navy pants and navy and orange striped socks. We a unique helmet that will sit on top of the retro uniform that features a navy base color with three orange stripes.

“The helmet is cool. I definitely wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t know what to expect. But to see that I think it added a little bit of pop to it.” - Kyle Fuller Cornerback

We will see the Bears break out this look in two games this season: against the Vikings on Sunday, Sept. 29 and versus the Cowboys on Thursday night, Dec. 5, both at Soldier Field.

“This one really stood out because it was for only one year. We thought it would be a great idea to bring it back and see if our fans like it. For that time, you think of uniforms being pretty drab, but this was a pretty dramatic statement, especially those socks. I love the socks. The socks make the uniform, in my opinion.” - Bears chairman George H. McCaskey


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New England Patriots Super Bowl Rings

The New England Patriots have received their latest Super Bowl Championship rings for the team’s Super Bowl LIII victory. The Super Bowl LIII Championship ring is the largest Super Bowl ring ever made and features six Lombardi trophies on the face. The ring features 422 diamonds that come in at 9.85 carats.

The right side of the ring shows off the team's official wordmark above the Super Bowl LIII logo and includes the score, 13-3 and the rally cry of "STILL HERE”. On the left side is the name of each recipient above Gillette Stadium's signature view lighthouse and bridge, as well as the players’ number and 6X in honor of the franchise's sixth Super Bowl title.

On the inside of the ring is Robert Kraft's iconic quote and the team's motto, "WE ARE ALL PATRIOTS" above his signature, as well as the date the quote was said. To finish off the ring on the palm crest are all the years of the team's previous five Super Bowl victories.

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NC State "Stealth Wolf" Uniform

NC State has revealed their special Military Appreciation uniforms for the upcoming season. We will see the wolfpack hit the field on October 10th in their new “Stealth Wolf” uniforms. The base white uniform will feature a subtle camo print on the jersey and pants. On the jersey we see the player’s numbers black outlined in chrome along with a black and chrome shoulder stripes. The white helmet will sit atop the new look with a giant Tuffy logo on either side.

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Texas Football's NCAA 150th Year Anniversary College Football Patch

Texas Football has revealed that they will wear the NCAA 150th Year Anniversary College Football Patch on their jerseys this season. The 150th Year patch will be on the players right chest above the Big 12 logo. Look for more teams to wear this special anniversary logo this season to commemorate the 150th Year of College Football.

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New York Jets New Uniform

The Jets are starting to shoot their top players in the team’s new uniforms ahead of the upcoming season. No matter your stance on the new look for the Jets we finally get to see big time free agent Le’Veon Bell in his Jets uniform along with the rest of the team’s stars. The main focus of the shoot was the team’s Gotham Green jerseys paired with their white pants, which we can expect to the be the team’s go to look. See the full new look for the Jets Here.

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