Harlem Renaissance Black History Month Unis for adidas Schools

To celebrate Black History Month, adidas has revealed their collection of NCAA uniforms inspired by the creativity, passion and expression of the early 20th century’s Harlem Renaissance. During the month of February, all of adidas’s Power 5 college men’s and women’s basketball teams will wear a special uniform inspired by the ballrooms of that era. The teams that we will see hit the hardwood in the special uniforms include; Arizona State University, Rutgers University, North Carolina State University, University of Miami, Mississippi State University, University of Louisville, University of Kansas, Indiana University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Texas A&M University, and Georgia Tech. The design is inspired by the wooden floors of the ballrooms where basketball became culture. We see each team’s jersey including patterns which mimic the fabrics and prints of the 1920s that became a means of self-expression and community pride. Each uniform features a unique bean stitch texture around the team name, the word “BALLROOM” on the inner waistband of each short, and a “Celebrating Black Culture” patch. The team will have special shoes to go along with the uniforms in the colors of the jazz ballrooms. Select Schools gear available February 5th HERE.

“At adidas, we created the Celebrating Black Culture program as a way of honoring our past throughout Black History Month, but also across the entire calendar year,” said Adam Laitsas, Senior Director for adidas Basketball in North America. “We firmly believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives, and we’re humbled to be able to celebrate these historical sport moments through the new Harlem Renaissance collection, and can’t wait to see each team wear these on-court.” 


Skye TilsonComment