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New York Knicks Statement Uniform

The New York Knicks have revealed their new Statement Edition uniform. The inspiration from the team’s new third uniform is pulled from the hustle and strength of the city and team. The blue uniforms feature New York across the chest of the jerseys with orange and white trim. The shorts feature the same trim and striping. We will see the Knicks wear their new Statement Edition uniform against all Western Conference teams this season.

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New Statement Edition Uniform for the Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks have revealed their new Statement Edition uniform. The uniform is a new version of the previous ‘Fear The Deer’ uniform for the team. The jersey will feature the Bucks logo on the chest of each player with the Cream City rainbow, representing the diverse colors of Milwaukee and surrounding areas, behind it. We also see the Cream City rainbow appear on the shorts creating a subtle M pattern to represent Milwaukee. The new look is set to hit the court during the season opener Thursday, Oct. 24 vs the Rockets, as well as 15 more times throughout the season.

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New Uniforms for Oregon Women's Basketball

Oregon Women’s Basketball is getting ready for the upcoming season and has introduced new uniforms for the Ducks to wear. The new white unis will feature Ducks across the chest in Oregon Green with a green and yellow piping on the shoulders and around the neckline. Each player’s name is located on the backs above the numbers, within a green block nameplate.

The team has also introduced their new black uniforms that feature the same piping and name plates but will have the the Duck head logo on the chest. The Ducks will have a few more uniform combos up their sleeves as the season gets underway and we will keep you updated on all the looks.

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Bulls New Statement Edition Uniform

The Bulls are bringing back a fan favorite with this year’s Statement Edition uniforms. The team has remastered their iconic pinstripe uniform from the 90s to create the look for this season’s Statement Edition uni. We will see the black jersey and shorts combo with the red pinstripes once again on the hardwood. The unis will be worn seven times this season and remain in the team’s rotation. A special nod to the Bulls’ success during the era the uniforms come with six stars, which form the Chicago flag, on the belt buckle.

“For years, we have heard from fans from around the world about their affinity for the iconic pinstripe uniform from the 90’s. Our new Statement Edition uniforms are not only a nod to that fan-favorite jersey but also represent an important part of our franchise history, with a modern twist that reflects the look and feel of Chicago Bulls basketball today.” -Bulls President and COO Michael Reinsdorf

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Brooklyn Nets 2019-20 Statement Edition Uniform

The Brooklyn Nets revealed their 2019-20 Statement Edition Uniform. The team collaborated with iconic Brooklyn-based artist Eric Haze to create this year’s look. The uniform comes in with a ‘concrete’ gray colorway base that features a hand-drawn font across the chest of the jersey spelling out “BKLYN”. Haze’s hand-drawn font is also found on the left side of the jersey featuring a contemporary twist on one of the team’s most iconic throwback looks, along with a herringbone pattern underneath. On the shorts “NETS” runs down the left side of the shorts, along with the team’s secondary logo siting on the right thigh.

We will see the Nets take the court in the new uniforms on Friday, Nov. 1 vs. the Rockets, as well as 21 other times this coming season.

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Charlotte Hornets Statement Uniform

The Charlotte Hornets have revealed their new Statement uniform for the upcoming season. The new Statement uniform features a base purple colorway with teal jersey numbers now under the abbreviation, “CHA,” which runs across the chest of the jersey in white. On the front of the waistband of the shorts is the team’s partial primary logo. On the sides of the shorts and jersey we see a new stinger design used as stripes. With the teams silhouette logo living above the stinger stripes on the shorts.

“These Statement uniforms represent a design change to the main holding area of the jersey. While there’s certainly details that are overt throughout the bold statement of the three letters, it’s a commitment to our fans saying, ‘This is something you can take pride in. The strength of our city, the strength of our team, the statement we make every night when we take the court.’ We want that to be the headline when you see this uniform come out.” - Josh Kramer, Senior VP of Brand Management

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Orlando Magic Statement Uniform

The Orlando Magic have revealed their 2019-20 Statement Edition uniform. The new uni is a modern take on an old tradition for the Magic. The team's core color of blue is the main focus, and combines with other iconic elements of the brand. The team shows homage to their history of pinstripes with the sides of the jerseys and shorts featuring pinstripe patterns. On the sides of the shorts we see the Magic star to complete the look and give another nod to the history of the team.

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Suns Statement Uniform

The Suns have unveiled their new Statement uniform for the upcoming NBA Season. The new look features a bright orange jersey with the iconic sunburst logo on the front along with orange shorts. The look was inspired by the team’s nickname for the home of the Suns, “Planet Orange”. The new Statement Edition is a nod to the “Seven Seconds or Less” era which saw the first Suns team wear orange unis. White lettering along with traditional Suns’ Purple trim will appear throughout the uniform. The new threads will be the first uniform in franchise history to feature no wordmark on the front of the jersey.

We will see the all-orange uniforms worn every Friday during the 2019-20 regular season.

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New St. John's Basketball Uniform

St. John’s athletic department recently made the switch to Nike as their official uniform provider. With the new partnership comes new uniforms for their sports teams. The Men’s Basketball team has given us our first look at the team’s new Nike Red uniforms for the upcoming season. The Red jerseys will be outlined in blue and white trim, with St. John’s written out across the chest. To match the letters the numbers will be blue with a small white outline. The team will complete the red look with red shorts that feature a thick blue and white striped waistband to tie in all the different elements. We will keep you posted as more of St. John’s team release their new uniforms.

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LeBron and Nike have officially released our first look at the new LEBRON XVII kicks. The kicks feature the highest level of performance upgrades for The King. The new shoes feature the Highest-Volume Heel Max Air Unit in a LeBron Shoe to help absorb the shock of his explosive play. The LEBRON XVII combines lightweight Flyknit construction with heat-molded yarns that adds structure and color, which results in a durable, supportive and resists stretching material.

From a visual side the LEBRON XVII shifts his lion crest and the silhouette of him dunking from the heel onto the tongue, combining phrases and symbols like “I’m King,” “LJ” and “23.”

“We had ‘the blueprint’ in mind for the 17, and we started from the ground up on everything, whether that was the construction of the knit or the way we could protect him underfoot with Air bags. The silhouette was a way to reset the mark for LeBron, and futuristically explore how we could help his game with the best that Nike offers.”- Nike's Jason Petrie, designer of the LEBRON XVII

The LEBRON XVII will release September 27th.

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