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MLL All-Star Uniforms

The Major League Lacrosse has released their 2019 All-Star uniforms that will feature Team Ice and Team Fire. The teams will rock chrome helmets with the MLL logos on the sides wrapped with a camo pattern. The Team Fire uniform will be a white and red colorway with a camo pattern in the numbers and trim. For Team Ice the unis will be a darker colorwary with a blue camo pattern within the numbers and trim. We will see the unis and All-Stars hit the field July 27th at Navy Marine Corps. Stadium, in Annapolis, MD.

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PLL All-Star Uniforms

The Premier Lacrosse League will host their inaugural All-Star game in LA and have some unis to fit the vibe. The league will be split into two teams with Matt Rambo and Trevor Baptiste being elected as team captains. Team Baptiste’s All-Star unis feature a bright tie dye pattern with the all-star logo in black front and center of the jersey. For Team Rambo the uniforms will be inverted with a black tie dye pattern and the all-star logo in the bright tie dye pattern. Both uniforms will feature adidas’ three stripe pattern across the shoulders. On the backs of the jerseys in place of the player’s names will be the player’s social media handle. “We The Players” is printed along the back of the jersey’s neck as a nod to the players revolutionizing the sport.

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New Helmet for Notre Dame Lacrosse

Notre Dame is set to play in the ACC Championship vs UVA. For the big game the Fighting Irish will rock a new helmet. The design of the helmet is inspired by two iconic locations on campus. We see the floor Mosaic that is directly underneath the Golden Dome, as well as the East Nave of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart that is a War Memorial commemorating those who gave their life in service worked into the design of the helmet.

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Premier Lacrosse League Uniforms
_adidasLacrosse x PLL_Uniforms_.jpg

The Premier Lacrosse League has unveiled the official uniforms for the 2019 inaugural season. In partnership with adidas the PLL uniforms were engineered for elite performance and ready to set the tone for the next generation of lacrosse. The design team took inspiration from the speed and energy of the game and was able to combine it with the iconic 1980’s references and imagery. The designers sat down and collaborated with PLL athletes and the executive team to create the design and look for the new league.

“As the Creator sports brand, we set out to both challenge the status quo and blend the past with the future. We’ve created and delivered some radical, game-changing concepts that showcase our vision for the sport and highlight each team with unique tonality, team crests, graphics, and typography. These concepts serve to help elevate each team’s identity and foster new lacrosse club communities.” -Todd Rolak, Sr. Designer for adidas U.S. Sports

The PLL will feature a total of six teams and each were uniquely inspired to create their look and design.

Archers – Taking the theme of a sharpshooter and centered around the design elements of an arrow, Archers LC uniforms are detailed with feather fletching graphic elements on both the sleeves and short panels. To complete the package, Archers LC helmets are donned with an arrow from the team logo.

 Atlas – Featuring a bull as a statement mascot that represents size, strength and speed, Atlas LC jerseys integrate a topographical pattern to pay homage to the team name. With baby blue and white as the base colors, the shorts are adorned with a bull horn to accentuate the team mascot. To finish out theme, Atlas LC helmets feature a bullhorn from the team mascot and team moniker on the back.

 Chaos – Chaos is defined as complete disorder and confusion, which is exactly what would happen to someone in the center of swarm of scorpions. Highlighted by the team moniker on the chest, a repeating scorpion inspired graphic adds a battle armor of texture to Chaos LC’s jersey. Additional design details include a scorpion logo on the left arm and helmet.

 Chrome – Inspired by the regal armor of knights and demonstrating strength and flair, Chrome LC jerseys blend references of knighthood with an 80’s inspired flair. Featuring a chainmail graphic pattern, the black home jersey showcases a knight’s helmet on the chest and Chrome moniker on the lower back. The white away jersey features the Chrome’s moniker on the chest laid over a video game inspired grid graphic pattern and the knight’s helmet on the lower back. Finishing touches include wings that adorn both the home and away helmets.

 Redwoods – Representing the unforgiving wilderness of the forest, Redwoods LC jerseys are ingrained with a graphic tree pattern that forms three vertical stripes and are complemented by a brown bear in the team crest. Completing the head-to-toe look, the green home helmet features the graphic tree pattern to match the jersey. The white away jerseys draw inspiration from the trunks of the majestic giants, coming to life as three maroon vertical stripes and the away helmet is highlighted by the team crest.

Whipsnakes – To signify the lightning fast and venomous strike of a snake, Whipsnakes LC jerseys are anchored by a team crest that closely resembles the shape of a coiled snake that creates an outline of a lacrosse head. Both home and away jerseys incorporate a tonal snakeskin graphic pattern and are decked out with the Whipsnakes’ moniker on the lower back. The final strike for the Whipsnakes is the “Whips” nickname emblazoned onto their snakeskin pattern helmets.

We will get our first look at the unis in action on June 1-2.

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Notre Dame Lacrosse Alternate Uniform

Notre Dame Lacrosse will break out their white alternate uniforms. The Fighting Irish will rock a white helmet with kelly green Irish script on the sides. The same Irish script will be on the chest of the white jerseys. The trim of the sleeves and shorts feature kelly green and navy blue stripes, and to complete the look the team will have kelly green cleats and white and kelly green gloves.

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Clemson Lacrosse Uniform

Clemson Lacrosse released their new uniforms that they will hit the field in Friday for their top-20 showdown against South Carolina. The orange jerseys will feature the Clemson stripe on either one of the sleeves with Clemson in block letters across the chest. The jersey will be paired with an orange helmet and white shorts to complete the look.

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Premier Lacrosse League x adidas

The Premier Lacrosse League has announced that adidas will become the official athletic footwear and apparel brand for the league, which is set to debut later this year. As the official sponsor of the PLL, adidas will design and create all official on-field PLL apparel for players and coaches as well as all footwear. To kick off the inaugural season, adidas will also create brand activations at local tentpole experiences throughout the PLL’s inaugural season, including Opening Weekend, the All-Star Game and the league  Championship.

“adidas is demonstrating a powerful commitment to lacrosse - shaping our future and expanding the game’s global popularity,” says Paul Rabil, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of PLL. “This is a seismic event in the history of lacrosse. A first-of-its-kind partnership with adidas, the world’s leading apparel brand, will cultivate future generations of players and also provide the latest, most innovative products to PLL athletes.”

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Army Lacrosse 100TH Army vs Navy Uniforms

ARMY AND NAVY lacrosse WILL MEET FOR THE 100TH TIME BETWEEN THESE TWO TEAMS ON THE LACROSSE FIELD. The Black Knights special uniforms will feature a black helmet with the Gold Army A on each side with the special 100th shield. The black jerseys will feature a gold stenciled ARMY across the chest with the 100th shield on the right side. The look is rounded out with black shorts, gloves, and elbow pads. See the special uniforms for Navy Lacrosse Here.

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Syracuse Lacrosse Retro Uniform

The Syracuse Lacrosse team introduced their retro uniforms for the 2019 season. The look starts with a blue helmet that features a S design on the sides. The retro jerseys is highlighted by a block Syracuse across the chest with the retro SU lock up on the sleeves. The team will finish off the look with blue shorts.

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Navy Lacrosse 100th Army vs Navy Uniforms

Army and Navy will meet for the 100th time between these two teams on the Lacrosse Field. For the special occasion Navy is going with a retro mesh jersey to amplify the history of this matchup. The jersey will feature a stencil font to give a military effect to the text. On the left chest of the jersey will be a 100th shield that draws inspiration from both the Army and Navy teams. The Swords originate from the black knights logo, while the arches are meant to resemble the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, with the North Star, from Navy's logo, in the main entrance. To finish off the look Under Armour provided Navy with custom Bio Fit Gloves with Beat Army on them and the cleats will honor the 37th version of “Bill the Goat” in roman numeral. See the Special uniforms for Army Lacrosse Here.

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