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2019 Syracuse Lacrosse Helmets

Syracuse has introduced their new helmet for the 2019. The new lids will feature a matte navy finish with a white cage. The oversized Syracuse S will be on both sides of the helmets in Syracuse orange to pop against the matte blue. To finish it off the back of the helmet will read ‘CUSE.

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Oregon Lacrosse Uniforms

Oregon lacrosse has released their uniform lineup for the upcoming season. The Ducks will have the option of a green jersey that features yellow Oregon across the chest with yellow numbers and stripes. The team will also have a yellow jersey options that has Ducks across the chest in silver with silver numbers. In addition to multiple jersey options the team will get to mix and match with white and black lids.


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Ohio State Lacrosse Gear

Ohio State men's lacrosse got their swag for the upcoming season. The buckeyes are outfitted in Nike and get hooked up with some of the best gear made for athletes. The team will likely add more to their swag bag but this is a good start.

“We’re fortunate at Ohio State to have the best equipment partners in the business, and we couldn’t be more thankful to Nike and STX for all that they do for our program and student-athletes. They’re on the cutting edge of technology – the products they provide to us are elite and also take player safety into consideration first and foremost. We’re thrilled they’re a part of Buckeye lacrosse and look forward to a long partnership.” – Nick Myers, head coach


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Jamaica Lacrosse Uniforms

adidas has announced that they have become the official sponsor of team Jamaica Lacrosse for the World Lacrosse Championship. The inspiration for the teams kit is centered around the yellow, green and black colorway. The jersey features a repeating flag on the sleeves and side panels. The motto "Out of Many, One People" from the Jamaican Coat of Arms is highlighted on the jersey and gloves paying tribute to the unity of the Jamaican population. 

“Our mission is to help athletes perform better and we couldn’t be happier to partner with Team Jamaica on their mission to compete for a World Championship,” said Dan Near, Sr. Director of adidas Lacrosse. “We believe that sport has the power to change lives and this partnership provides a tremendous opportunity to both empower athletes and help bring recognition to the sport of Lacrosse on a global stage.”

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US Lacrosse All-Star Game Uniform

The 2018 MLL All-Star game will match up the MLL All-Stars vs US Lacrosse. The two teams will face off on June 28th and US Lacrosse will be hitting the field in these uniforms. The team will sport a matte blue helmet with a red chrome mask and chrome decals on the sides. The uniform will be a base white with red and blue found throughout. The gloves are a fitting match for the team as the white Warrior gloves feature a stars pattern on the fingers. 

A look at the MLL All-Star Helmets

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MLL All-Star Helmets

The Major League Lacrosse All-Star game is returning to Havard Stadium in Boston on June 28th and the MLL All-Stars will be hitting the field in some Gold Chrome lids. The MLL All-Stars are set to play against Team USA. The helmets feature custom touches found on the facemask and chinstrap really putting these Cascade helmets over the top.

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IMLCA All-Star Gear

The adidas IMLCA All-Star Game gear for this year revolved around two things 🐐 & 💯. The adimoji gear we have seen hit the football field in cleats, gloves and sleeves has not founds its way onto the lacrosse field. The two teams received the adimoji gear that included cleats, gloves, elbow pads and sticks. 

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Philadelphia Wings New Jersey

The Philadelphia Wings, one of the newest expansion team, has revealed their home jersey. The designers went with a black backdrop to enhance the bold, fast-paced, and recognizable brand the Wings have established. The logo is placed in the center of the chest to show off the new logo with red and gold accents throughout. The unique part of the uniform comes with the wing design on the shoulders of each jersey.

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USA Lacrosse 2018 Uniforms

USA Lacrosse and Nike have released the 2018 uniforms for the team. The uniform is Nike's sleeveless uniform style with a Red, White, and Blue color scheme. In both the navy and white kit we see an American Flag on the top of one shoulder. Each jersey has a ring of gold stars around the back of the jersey's collar. The backs of both looks have a subtle stripe pattern down the entire jersey. The numbers have a dot pattern within each number found on the jersey.

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Denver Outlaws Military Helmets

In honor of Military Appreciation Month the Denver Outlaws will take the field with a different look on their helmets. Each player on the team will have the option to choose which branch of military they want to represent and that will be the design on their helmet. The players will choose from the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force, or Coast Guard, and the helmets will feature the different branches seals and design on the tops of the helmets. Another touch comes on the back of the helmet with each helmet including a POW/MIA logo on the back.