Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series Jersey

The Penguins have revealed their Stadium Series Jerseys that they will hit the ice in against the Philadelphia Flyers at Lincoln Financial Field on Feb. 23rd. The special jersey fully embraces the teams black and yellow colorway with a black jersey featuring yellow logo and stripes. THE ADIDAS DESIGNERS LOOKED TO MAKE EVEN MORE OF A VISUAL STATEMENT IN THE STADIUM BY DEVELOPING A COMPLETELY NEW CRESTING MATERIAL BASED ON WORKWEAR DUCK CANVAS. HIGH GAUGE YARNS ARE WOVEN INTO A THICK TEXTILE SO THAT IT CAN STAND ON ITS OWN WITHOUT A TWILL BACKING. On the inside of the neckline reads "A GREAT DAY FOR HOCKEY" in block letter stenciling, as a tribute to former Penguins coach "Badger" Bob Johnson. Finally, A SPECIAL-EDITION 2019 NHL STADIUM SERIES PATCH WILL BE ON THE RIGHT SHOULDER OF THE JERSEY. See the Flyers Stadium Series Jersey Here.

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