Winter Classic Custom Hockey Sticks

Patrick Kane and David Pastrnak both have something special for their matchup for the Winter Classic. Along with both teams wearing special uniforms ( SEE BLACKHAWKS | SEE BRUINS) each player will have a specially designed stick. Each player teamed up with Bauer to create the custom sticks.


Patrick Kane’s Stick

Kane’s stick will feature:

  • CANDY CANE: In the 2009 Winter Classic, his name bar displayed “Kandy Kane”, which was the inspiration for the candy cane styled stripe on the back of this stick.

  • PK88: The Blackhawks hosted the 2009 Winter Classic at Wrigley field. In anticipation of the game, we teamed up with Patrick to design a personal logo for his ONE95, which features his initials and number styled as “PK88”.

  • CHICAGO: We incorporated the city skyline along the shaft in grey.

  • QUOTE: Along the middle of the shaft, surrounding the BAUER logo, reads the quote “A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep.”

  • WINTER CLASSIC LOGO: The Winter Classic logo is present on the bottom of the shaft, along with the location and date of the game.

David Pastrnak’s Stick

Pastrnak’s stick will feature:

  • PASTA EMOJI: In reference to his nickname that is used by fans and teammates, we included the emoji on top of the shaft.

  • BOSTON & PRAGUE SKYLINES: Just above the blade, on the front of the staff in gold chrome is the Boston skyline. Reflected on the back of the shaft is the Prague skyline (pictured here). These represent his current and former home cities.

  • CZECH LION: Paying homage to his Czech origin, we incorporated the Czech Lion on top of the shaft above the name bar. The lion comes from the Czech coat of arms, which is featured on their national team’s jerseys.

  • DP88: We teamed up with David to design a personalized logo that features his initials, “dP”, and his number “88”. It can be seen in gold on top of the shaft.

  • FOOTBALL FIELD: In reference to the Winter Classic being played at legendary Notre Dame Stadium, we incorporated a football field’s yard markings along the top half of the shaft.

  • YOLO: a personal favorite acronym, meaning “You only live once”, is written on top of the shaft below the name bar.

  • Winter Classic info: Information on tomorrow’s game including the location, teams, and date is incorporated on the bottom of the shaft.

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