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Marlins Throwback Uniforms

The Miami Marlins are throwing it back for an entire weekend of July 26-28 with their 1990s Florida Marlins uniform. The team has chosen to go with the sleeveless pinstriped version of their old home uniform. The team will go with the retro F logo on their hats to finish off the retro look.

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Angels Wear #45 Skaggs Jerseys

The Angels hit the diamond and honored their late teammate, Tyler Skaggs, with each player wearing the number 45 jersey with Skaggs across the back. The team also had special pins on their hats for the game. The Angels honored Skaggs with an emotional ceremony before their first home game since the passing of Tyler, with his mother, Debbie, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. The Angels went on to throw a no-hitter in their 13-0 victory in Tyler’s name.


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MLB All-Star Cleats

With the MLB All-Star game today we take a look at the cleats that the best players in the MLB will be hitting the diamond in.



Under Armour took their design inspiration from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the UA Yard cleats. The white cleats feature a bright contrast of colors, creating a tie-die pattern with the words “LET’S ROCK LET’S ROLL” on the tongue. On the inside of the cleat we see the silhouette of a baseball player in full uniform swinging a guitar as if it were a baseball bat.


Nike took its inspiration from Cleveland’s history as the Rock and Roll Capital of the World. The silhouette for the designs are the new Nike Force Zoom Trout 6 cleats. Each of the colorways have been inspired by iconic rock album covers, featuring special materials, such as denim and paisley synthetic.


Adidas went with an "Iced Out" inspired design for their All-Star players cleats. The designed is meant to be a nod to the All-Star caliber athlete who takes the field with emotions in check, laser-focused and ice in his veins to stay calm under pressure. The "Iced Out" pack features a blend of white, grey, and ice-blue colorways giving a Frozen effect that is highlighted by crystal graphics around the upper, adidas’ iconic Badge of Sport logo sitting on top of ice cycles and a sub-zero thermometer icon on the heel tab.

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Washington Nationals Expos Throwback Uniform

The Washington Nationals paid tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Montreal Expos when they played the Kansas City Royals. The team decided to go with the 1969 powder blue uniform with the tri-colored cap, that featured the Montreal Expos logo front and center on both the jerseys and the caps. The team went all for the day including graphics around Nationals Park donned the famous Expos logo, “O Canada” was sung before the Star-Spangled Banner and National Baseball Hall of Fame member Vladimir Guerrero was in attendance to throw out the first pitch.

“They are so sick. I love that they went all the way back to 1969. They had some great uniforms over the years, but the older the better I think. I love the baby blues. The Expos’ logo is one of the more iconic logos in baseball history, so the fact that it is front and center on the uniform is really cool.” -Nationals closer Sean Doolittle


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Nike Force Zoom Trout 6 Cleats

Mike Trout and Nike have released his sixth signature cleat, the Nike Force Zoom Trout 6 cleat. This time around Trout didn’t hold back when it came to his signature shoe. He dove right in with everything he wanted to see on this cleat. His focus was to give back to the younger generation and really create a cleat that would hit home with them as well as make them the best player on the baseball diamond.

“I held in my feedback for those first meetings, but it was more because I didn’t know Nike could make the smallest changes based on what I wanted. If there was some seam on the cleat I didn’t like, I could change it, or if there was a feature from a past cleat I wanted to bring in, I could do it. Looking back, I should’ve been more vocal from day one.” - Mike Trout

The Five-Tool criteria for Trout’s perfect cleat were:

  • Comfort “It starts as soon as you put it on. You need to be able to play and not worry about your feet bothering you.”

  • Weight “You obviously can’t have heavy feet out there during play. Linear speed is a critical part of the game.”

  • Flair “Does it look good? I’m big on feeling confident in a certain look.”

  • Durability “A comfortable cleat needs to last. You can’t have a cleat break down after wearing it for a week.”

  • Personal Details “There are details on a cleat that people might not see on camera, but are incredibly personal to me, like the area code to my hometown. A big component for me is when you can present a cleat to someone and build a story around it.”

Look for the cleat to be on sale July 5th along with a turf version.

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Bryce Harper 4th of July Cleats

Bryce Harper wore these special cleats for the 4th of July. The UA Harper 4 cleats are decorated with a stripe inspired radial wrap located around the forefoot panel and heel counter. On the cleats we see the words “Old Glory,” “Land of the Free,” and “Home of the Brave” run down alongside the tongue. In addition to the cleats Harper will have matching gloves to go with the cleat and complete the 4th of July look.

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Stars & Stripes MLB Hats

The MLB will go with retro logos this year for their Stars & Stripes, 4th of July hats. The caps will come in either a blue or red crown and will have the alternating color as the bill’s color. The old school logos will get the Stars & Stripes treatment front and center. Check out each team’s hat design below.

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1936 Reds Throwback Uniform

The Reds hit the diamond in their 1936 throwback uniforms as part of their continued celebration of their 150th anniversary. The look was one of the most unique uniforms worn by the Reds, with the style being known as the "Palm Beach" named by the uniform's manufacturer, Cincinnati-based Goldsmith & Sons. This uniform was designed as an attempt to offer players a lighter weight alternative to the heavily flannel jerseys that was the traditional look at the time. The unique design featured an open-weave fabric construct to make the uniforms more breathable during the hot Cincinnati summers. The uniforms didn’t stop with new material they also incorporated red pants for the first and only time in the club’s history, and on the front of the jersey is the script Reds mark. The "Palm Beach" jersey was worn occasionally as an alternate uniform from 1936 -1938 but the uniform combination that included the red pants was only worn during the 1936 season.

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Baltimore Orioles "Maryland Pride" Uniform

The Baltimore Orioles broke out their “Maryland Pride” uniforms. The special uniform features the Maryland State flag pattern on the sleeves of the jersey as well as on the bill of the cap. The look will surely be a fan favorite for all Baltimore fans who love the Maryland state flag.

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Kansas City Royals Negro League Uniform

The Kansas City Royals will honor the former Negro League team, The Kansas City Monarchs, with these retro uniforms. The 1942 uni will be in the red and white colorway with Monarchs across the chest. The team will have vintage batting helmets that match the caps for the uniform to really take the vintage look up a notch. The Royals will hit the field in their Retro look Sunday, June 23rd vs Minnesota who will wear St. Paul Gophers uniforms from 1908.

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