New Kits for New Zealand

New Zealand has released their new kits that embrace the Maori legend of New Zealand's endemic silver fern that represents strength, resistance, and power. "These traits relate to the unique underside of the tree’s fronds that reflect under moonlight, creating something akin to a natural nightlight. Thus, they have been celebrated for guiding travelers." Nike.


“People in New Zealand rally behind the silver fern,” says Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director. “While it has been the primary symbol for New Zealand football for some time, we decided to integrate the frond more completely into the national team collection for 2018.”

We see the ferns worked into the design of the kit on the sleeves where Nike was able to create an almost photo-like recreation of the leaf. The team will have two color options one a fully black kit and the other a fully white kit.    

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