“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good.”

For years, the above quote has been repeated in locker rooms across the country, if you look the part, you’ll go out there and perform. In the day and age where football safety is all over the media, protection can get pushed to the side if it means an athlete can run faster, jump higher, or make a play. Why not find equipment that does both: protect at a high-level AND allow athletes to perform?


Football requires every position to be athletic and every athlete to be a play-maker. CarbonTek’s proprietary technology is developed for the linebacker's high-impact and streamlined for the skill position's range of motion, creating a solution for any position on the field.


Utilized throughout all levels of competition from high school to the pros, the CarbonTek Gen 3 Shoulder Pad is continuing to change the game in three key areas!

·       BUILT FOR POWER – Utilize high-grade materials to reduce the maximum applied force of impact by 81%!

·       DESIGNED FOR SPEED – Low profile, lightweight pad allows for an increased range of motion while locking the pad to the body, eliminating the unnecessary movement.

·       ENGINEERED FOR PERFORMANCE – CarbonTek utilizes OS-Technology and offers custom extended lengths to provide 360° of coverage, without the added bulk.


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