2019 NFL Draft Hats

The NFL Draft is right around the corner and we will see the new wave of players drafted to their new teams. As they cross the stage dressed to impress the players will be given this year’s Draft Hat before they reach Roger Goodell to pose for some photos. As this season marks the 100th season of the NFL the theme that was created for the hats is centered around each team’s local flag. On the backs of each hat we will see the NFL 100 logo as well as the flag that inspired the design of each hat will be found on the inside.

“This idea as we go through to celebrate the past of the NFL and innovation of where it’s moving, we really wanted to start with where the game began within each local community. It’s a unique way to say this is where we started, this is who we are, this is what we’re about, this is the community we represent. At the same time it tells a separate story of welcoming a new member into that community. Really trying to tell this message of this is where we’re going, this is who we represent and welcome into the community.” - Ryan DiNunzio, New Era’s director of football

So far all teams have released their hat except for the New York Jets who are about to unveil their new logo and uniform this week.


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