2019 Polynesian Bowl Helmets

The 2019 Polynesian Bowl Helmets have been revealed for the upcoming game. This year’s look is inspired by KAPA and TAPA, which is a barkcloth that is prepared and utilized by families throughout Polynesia. We see the Tapa design in the helmet taking elements from each of these various cultures as well as incorporating them into the overall design of the helmet. The helmets design is a representation of the traditional Hawaiian beliefs with a natural balance between ocean and land. One team will wear red symboling land with the other team wearing blue that symbolizes the sea.

“The Polynesian people take a lot of pride in their heritage, and this design features important cultural significance for both the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame and the players who will wear it this year,” said Jesse Sapolu, Chairman and Co-founder of the PFHOF. “We’re proud to partner with Riddell to come up with these one-of-a-kind designs that showcase our heritage while ensuring players have access to advanced protection as part of their participation.”


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