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Notre Dame 'Rush 4 Gold' Playoff Uniform

Notre Dame has become the first non Nike affiliated team to make the College Football Playoffs. In honor of the monumental occasion Under Armour has created these special ‘Rush 4 Gold’ edition uniforms. The “Rush 4 Gold” mantra has been inspired by the gold across the campus of Notre Dame.

The Fighting Irish’s jerseys will feature gold trimming on the numbers, the "Notre Dame" monogram on the shoulder and the "Cotton Bowl" patch on the chest. We see “Rush 4 Gold” and “God, Country, Notre Dame” embroidered in gold text, into the jersey. To finish off the look the Irish will rock kelly green gloves and cleats. The Kelly Green cleats will come in suede, marking the first time a suede version of the UA Spotlight cleat will hit the football field.

"This a special moment in our partnership - Notre Dame aiming to close out an undefeated season with a national championship, and Under Armour having our first team in the College Football Playoffs. We wanted to keep the uniform traditional and true to Notre Dame, but dial it up to pay homage to the school's history with gold, and mark this incredible accomplishment" - Nick Billiris, Senior Design Director of Team Sports at Under Armour


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Dolphins Throwback Uniform

The Dolphins are set to wear their Throwback unis again this week as they get ready for the New England Patriots.

Miami will go with their classic 1966 uniforms that include the old school Dolphins logo on the helmets and the gray facemask. The jersey and pants show off the old school stripes, giving fans a taste of the past.


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Seahawks Action Green Uniform

The Seahawks are set to wear their “Action Green” uniforms for this weeks matchup. The team’s traditional navy helmets will be paired with an all highlighter green jersey and pants combination. The green jersey will feature navy blue accents and numbers. Details in the numbers feature the same pattern that is found on the helmet’s center stripe. On the inside of the neck we see the 12 logo, a tribute to the team’s 12th Man.


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Cardinals Black Jerseys
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Buccaneers Color Rush Uniform

The Buccaneers are ready to go all red as they break out their Color Rush uniforms again this week vs the Saints. Tampa Bay will be rocking their red jersey and pants combo that features a pewter colored number to match team’s helmet. We see the unique reflective material within the numbers to make them pop even more under the lights or in front of the cameras.


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2018 UNISWAG Uniform of the Week Winners

Each week UNISWAG rated the top uniforms leading up to the Uniform of the Week Winner. The winners who were selected from Week 1 to Week 13 received a custom football as their award. Each team that won the Uniform of the Week Award will be nominated for the Uniform of the Year Award.

To fill the fourteenth and final nomination for the Uniform of the Year Award we will nominate four uniforms that did not claim the Uniform of the Week Award to be voted on by the fans.

At the conclusion of the college football season each nominee will have the chance to be voted on by the fans and the winner will be crowned the UNISWAG Uniform of the Year Winner.



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Army's First Infantry Division Uniform

Army has introduced their special alternate uniform for the Army vs Navy game this season. This year Army will honor the 100th Anniversary of America’s First Division helping end the first Great War of the 20th Century. The team drew inspiration from the "1st Expeditionary Division". We see the helmet feature a large Red 1 on the fronts drawn from the divisions shoulder sleeve insignia. The divisions nickname "Big Red One" can be found on the front of each players jersey located on the right chest plate. We see each jersey collar feature an insignia replicating the bronze collar disks worn by enlisted soldiers in the First Division. Located on the shoulders and under shirt the ‘Black Lion’ logo can be found subtly placed on the black uniform, a nod to the BLACK LIONS OF CANTIGNY. On the backs of the helmets The flag is accurate for the World War I era featuring 48 stars for the number of states during the time. Another historic uniform for the Army vs Navy game.


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Navy Uniforms for the Army-Navy Game

The Midshipmen and Under Armour have released this years uniform for the Army-Navy game. The uniform will honor the Navy mascot, Bill the Goat. The uniform starts with the Navy helmet that will feature the Goat on one side with the players numbers on the other. The jersey features sleeves with two stripes on the outside with the Navy logo in the center. This color-blocking look was inspired directly from the trim of the blanket popularly worn by Bill the Goat. The white pants match the jersey and is highlighted by its side stripe and the Marine Corps insignia on the hip. The final touch of Bill the Goat comes on the players cleats and gloves.

“The Naval Academy has such a rich history, we knew we needed to make a uniform that could uniquely tell their story and convey their exuberant spirit. The Navy Goat is the perfect symbol in which to understand the school’s longstanding excellence and traditions. We wanted the powerful narrative around the goat to shine through as a way to build enthusiasm from both the players and the fans.” - Nick Billiris, Senior Design Director of Team Sports at Under Armour


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Special Helmets for UCF

UCF is set to play in their conference championship game and wear special helmets in honor of their injured quarterback, McKenzie Milton. The Hawaiian native suffered a season ending leg injury earlier this season. In his honor UCF will wear 808 on the front bumper and 10HANA on the back bumper of each player’s helmet. The white helmets feature gold chrome UCF Decals on the sides and will be paired with the team’s black on black unis.


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Pitt Retro Unis for ACC Championship
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