Army's First Infantry Division Uniform

Army has introduced their special alternate uniform for the Army vs Navy game this season. This year Army will honor the 100th Anniversary of America’s First Division helping end the first Great War of the 20th Century. The team drew inspiration from the "1st Expeditionary Division". We see the helmet feature a large Red 1 on the fronts drawn from the divisions shoulder sleeve insignia. The divisions nickname "Big Red One" can be found on the front of each players jersey located on the right chest plate. We see each jersey collar feature an insignia replicating the bronze collar disks worn by enlisted soldiers in the First Division. Located on the shoulders and under shirt the ‘Black Lion’ logo can be found subtly placed on the black uniform, a nod to the BLACK LIONS OF CANTIGNY. On the backs of the helmets The flag is accurate for the World War I era featuring 48 stars for the number of states during the time. Another historic uniform for the Army vs Navy game.


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