Atlanta United FC Star & Stripes Kit

Atlanta United FC has revealed their newest kit, the Star & Stripes Kit. The team from ATL reigned supreme last season in the MLS winning the MLS Cup. In honor of the accomplishment the team has created the Star & Stripes kit that is full of ATL swagger, equal parts grit and flash, both timeless and contemporary. The jersey has key elements that tie this kit to the city. The Starred Crest is the badge of the new Atlanta. We see the 5-Stripes crest remain over the heart as a constant reminder of who the team is and where they came from. The red & black stripes remain as that is what Atlanta United FC has built their story upon. We see the number Seventeen in the state outline at the hem of the jersey as a nod to the fans and supporters. On the back of the neck there is the UNITED mark paying tribute to Atlanta’s unwavering perseverance and serves as a reminder to players and supporters that we all carry the city on our backs. A great kit to commemorate a great season.


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