Chargers' New Primary Powder Blue Jerseys

The Los Angeles Chargers revealed that their iconic powder blue jerseys will serve as their primary home uniform in 2019. To accompany the powder blue look, the Chargers will also wear the gold facemask that we most recently saw them rock with their color rush uniform. The Chargers were actually the first team in NFL history to wear a colored facemask when they first took the field with them on their blue helmet back in 1974.

“The powders are NICE! There’s just something special when you put them on. You get a whole different feeling. A whole different vibe. Seeing that powder blue in the stadium and all your brothers wearing it, it’s a great feeling. Knowing we’re wearing that more is exciting…. Before I even came to the Chargers I knew about the powder blues. When I came out here and got to put it on, it’s an honor. You hear it around the nation – the powder blues are the best in sports. So getting to wear them more, it feels like we get to turn up more.” - All-Pro safety Adrian Phillips

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