LSU's New Locker Room

The LSU Football team has introduced their brand new Football locker room, which is unlike any other in the country. The new locker room is located in the heart of the newly-renovated Football Operations Facility. Upon entering the new locker room the first thing that pops out is the sight lines with no closed-off rows boxed into walls. The open design is meant to maintain a connection between players, who are now connected across the entire room.

The Locker design was inspired by first class found in an airplane pod, and the goal was to combine openness along with an area for each player to rest. Each player’s locker comes in two parts, with the upper portion includes digitally locked storage, charging ports for personal electronics and helmets, as well as custom name plates for each player. In the the lower portion of the locker we see an overwhelming amount of features including; a seat that folds out into a bed for napping or recovering, an iPad dock for watching film, more charging ports, and a custom-fit cup-holder for hydration. Each portion of the locker connects to its own ventilation.

The locker room also features a stand alone mudroom with shoulder pad racks and shoe dryers separates the locker room and the practice field, that offers additional layers of sanitary protection.

“We study sleep, we study post practice recovery. So we knew sleep was a big part of it, we knew meditation was a big part of it, and we knew there were some devices, therapeutically, that are a big part of it. So we said, ‘Well, they spent a lot of time the locker room. Why not, instead of having a sleeping room – which some people have – let's create their own pod, let's create their own area that they can recover?” -LSU Director of Training Jack Marucci

The Tigers have a dedicated space to celebrate their former greats that are playing professionally. Right outside the locker room is an NFL corridor honoring former Tigers, with blank jerseys that rotates between the former greats in their LSU uniform to his professional uniform and even showing highlights of his play at both levels with a special projector system.

“We walked in, and you know how you walk in on those charter flights we take? “That's literally the first thing that came to mind. You're in first class. You walk in here, you don't even think it's a locker room. You just feel comfortable. This is a game-changer.” - LSU Football DE, Breiden Fehoko


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