Pacers 'City Edition' Uniform

The brand new City Edition uniform for the Pacers draws its inspiration from the state built on speed. From the Pacers in all caps and italicized on the front, to look like they are in motion, to the ALWAYS LEAD text above the jock tag of the uniform, speed is the key in this uniform design.

The Pacers also draw inspiration from Florence Griffith Joyner, the sprinter behind Indiana's famed Flo-Jo uniforms. We see this year’s City Edition uni come in gray with gold lines breaking apart a blue siding similar to that of the original Flo-Jo unis.

"It kind of represents Indiana as a whole," said Oladipo after trying on the jersey for the first time. "We're a very subtle state, but when it's time to get on and poppin', it's time to get poppin'."


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