Penn State 'Generations of Greatness' Uniforms

Penn State announced the return of the ‘Generations of Greatness’ special throwback uniforms for their game on 10/5. The special uniforms will feature the numbers on the helmets just as they did in the 1959-61 & 1967-74 era, along with gray facemasks that we saw the Nittany Lions wear from 1970-72. The jerseys will have block numbers the same that donned the Blue & White from the mid-1950s to 1966, as well as the jersey will feature an image of the Lion Shrine on the front collar of the jersey. On the sleeves we see white stripes that have come and gone many times throughout Penn State Football’s history. Down the sides of the pants is a single blue stripe that were worn during 1952-68 era. The look is completed with white cleats and striped socks that pay tribute to the 1970’s era. This look is a great way to pay tribute to the past while giving the Nittany Lions a new uniform combination.

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