1936 Reds Throwback Uniform

The Reds hit the diamond in their 1936 throwback uniforms as part of their continued celebration of their 150th anniversary. The look was one of the most unique uniforms worn by the Reds, with the style being known as the "Palm Beach" named by the uniform's manufacturer, Cincinnati-based Goldsmith & Sons. This uniform was designed as an attempt to offer players a lighter weight alternative to the heavily flannel jerseys that was the traditional look at the time. The unique design featured an open-weave fabric construct to make the uniforms more breathable during the hot Cincinnati summers. The uniforms didn’t stop with new material they also incorporated red pants for the first and only time in the club’s history, and on the front of the jersey is the script Reds mark. The "Palm Beach" jersey was worn occasionally as an alternate uniform from 1936 -1938 but the uniform combination that included the red pants was only worn during the 1936 season.

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