The Jaguars New Uniforms

The Jaguars took the redesign of their uniforms and went with a "Return of Tradition" mindset when creating the new look. The team has done away with the two-tone helmet that was either loved or hated by fans. The new helmet takes it back to the all black high-gloss look we have been use to seeing the Jaguars in.



The uniform may look old school but the technology in the uniform is state of the art. The jersey comes in weighing 20.4oz which makes it one of the lightest jerseys in the league. The material is water repellant as to help the players to stay dry in the muggy and rainy Florida weather.


For the first time in franchise history the Jaguars will have Teal pants to create an all teal uniform. This look will serve as their Color Rush and Alternate uniform and we could see it up to 3 times this season. 

The numbers on the uniforms are no longer layered with multiple colors, instead they are a plain white. The numbers on the backs of the jerseys are actually 2 inches longer then the ones located on the front. 

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