adidas is changing the world of performance sneakers as we speak. The brand has been touring their mobile SPEEDFACTORY around the world and UNISWAG got the opportunity to check it out at their Santa Monica SPEEDFACTORY setup. The experience starts with a fully engaging mobile site that produces a specific barcode for each participant to track their time in the SPEEDFACTORY and send shareable content. adidas scans each person's feet to provide exact sizing and specifics with the goal to output the data for the shoe that will fit best. You then get a take on the treadmill and learn your running pattern while testing out the new AM4LA shoes. adidas aims to have the SPEEDFACTORY experience turned into an in-store experience for all consumers to provide the perfect fit and shoe for each person's need. 

The AM4LA shoes mark the inaugural integration of Parley Ocean Plastic® into SPEEDFACTORY production. The shoes feature 100% recycled upper, including yarns recycled from plastic collected from coastal areas before it enters the oceans. 

"With AM4LA, we set out to reexamine and change our traditional ways of design and production. We want to make sure that we not only deliver the best for our athlete, but also do what is best for our planet. By leveraging SPEEDFACTORY’s digital production capabilities, integrating Parley Ocean Plastic® into it, and pushing our designers’ creative boundaries, we have successfully created a high performance running shoe while simultaneously reducing waste and unnecessary by-products.” - Ben Herath, VP Design for adidas Running.

The AM4LA will be on available on on June 2.

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