2019 All-American Bowl Uniforms

adidas has revealed the 2019 All-American Bowl uniforms for the top high school football players to wear. The uniforms for this year are inspired by the videogame culture, with multi-color static patterns from videogame glitches, TV screen color bars, broadcast static and other irregularities that might be seen while playing a videogame or watching TV.

“Videogames can have bugs, anomalies, glitches, unlocked achievements and even cheat codes that can have a jaw-dropping effect on gameplay. Those same types of things can happen with athletes and big plays on the field in real life. A player is here one second, gone the next; uses a juke right, spin left combo; hurdles another player in full stride; showcases crazy breakaway speed; or does something that may seem unrealistic, unfair or freakish in nature and on the TV screen.” - adidas

The Primeknit A1 Football Uniforms are highlighted with the multi-color static pattern on the numbers and shoulders, while the base of the uniforms will be black and white, creating a signature look for the 2019 All-American Game. We will see the West team wearing white and the East team wearing black.


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