2019 UA All-America Game Uniforms

Under Armour has released their new look for the 2019 UA All-America Game that will hit the field January 3rd 2019. The design brings the tropical floral pattern to the football field. The inspiration for the uniforms was drawn from the Florida foliage. We will see both teams wearing custom uniforms, one with a white jersey and the other with a black jersey. Each uniform will feature hits of “mojo pink” and “jade green” to help the uniforms pop even more. On each team’s helmet there are streaks of palm trees and pink hibiscus that line each side. The same pattern encompasses both shoulder pads, the interior of the numbers on the jersey, the belt, and the sides of the pants.

“This multi-level floral story we are bringing to the Under Armour All-America Game this year is one of the most special, cohesive uniform stories we’ve developed to date. We wanted to highlight the accomplishment of playing in this game with a uniform true to the tropical Florida locale.” - Nick Billiris, Senior Design Director of Team Sports at Under Armour

To finish off the uniforms floral design each team will get limited-edition UA Spotlight gloves and UA Spotlight cleats, in the “jade green” and “mojo pink” floral colorway.


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