Colorado State Ag Day Uniforms

This weekend we will see the Colorado State Rams wearing a throwback uniform, taking it back to their Aggie roots by wearing the new green and Aggie orange jerseys. The school before being known as the rams went by the Aggies with the university itself being named Colorado A&M and was primarily an agricultural school, represented by a color palette of alfalfa green and β€œAggie Orange”. The orange jerseys will feature the old school A on the shoulders with the team wearing their green helmets with Aggie orange ram horns and white pants with the Aggie A on the hip.

β€œColors mean so much to the history of this university, and we wanted to pay tribute to the meaning of each hue when designing this uniform. The Aggie orange is a tribute to Colorado A&M’s historic color, pumpkin, and green is inspired by the school’s agricultural beginnings. There is a story at the heart of every detail of these uniforms.” - Nick Billiris, Senior Design Director of Team Sports at Under Armour


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