Boston Red Sox World Championship Rings

The Red Sox received their 2018 World Series championship rings in a ceremony before the team’s first home game of the season at Fenway Park. The rings are crafted in 14-karat white gold. We see the Red Sox “B” logo made up of 21 rubies on the face of the ring. This is meant to represent the four World Series titles the Red Sox have won under 17 seasons of ownership by the Fenway Sports Group. The logo is surrounded by 22 custom-cut blue sapphires, representing the 14 postseason games the Red Sox played and the eight home runs they hit during the World Series. Fourteen diamonds that are found on each side of the ring symbolize the 14 American League pennants the team has won since the franchise’s inception in 1901. On the inside of the rings is the date the team clinched the title “10-28-18” as well as “Damage Done”, evolved from the “Do Damage” rallying cry the team used in the playoffs.


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