Bryce Harper's "Father's Day" Cleats

Bryce Harper will honor his father on Father’s Day with these special cleats. The cleats are designed exclusively for Bryce, and represents the journey he and his father have taken from Bryce’s Little League days to standing together at the All-Star Game after Bryce’s Home Run Derby win. The special UA Harper 4 feature a bright orange, blue and yellow colorway in swirls to resemble those slushies the two drank together many years ago. We see “My pops sacrificed everything to help me fulfill my dream. I would give anything in this world to thank him every single day and tell him how much I love him.” written on the eyestay of the cleat, inspired from Bryce's 2015 MVP acceptance speech. To finish off the look Harper will have matching batting gloves and sleeve that he will wear on Father’s Day.

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