Chicago Bears Throwback Uniform

The Chicago Bears revealed their new classic uniform during the Opening Ceremonies of the Bears100 Celebration Weekend. The uni turns back the clocks to the 1936 season. The retro look features a white jersey with the Bears100 patch, navy and orange stripes on the shoulders and sleeves, navy numbers and letters, navy pants and navy and orange striped socks. We a unique helmet that will sit on top of the retro uniform that features a navy base color with three orange stripes.

“The helmet is cool. I definitely wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t know what to expect. But to see that I think it added a little bit of pop to it.” - Kyle Fuller Cornerback

We will see the Bears break out this look in two games this season: against the Vikings on Sunday, Sept. 29 and versus the Cowboys on Thursday night, Dec. 5, both at Soldier Field.

“This one really stood out because it was for only one year. We thought it would be a great idea to bring it back and see if our fans like it. For that time, you think of uniforms being pretty drab, but this was a pretty dramatic statement, especially those socks. I love the socks. The socks make the uniform, in my opinion.” - Bears chairman George H. McCaskey


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