Harper 3 Cleats

Bryce Harper has released his new Harper 3 cleats. The new cleats draw inspiration from Harpers nostalgic old school baseball style but delivering all the new technology to help Harper’s game reach new heights.

“When designing a shoe for Bryce, we knew that in order to get his stamp of approval, they had to look and play the part," said Spencer Hawkins, UA Cleated Footwear Designer.

Some of the design inspiration feature chrome bezel, meant to represent Bryce's power as a player, and tie back to his love of classic American muscle cars. Under Armour also drew inspiration from the Daytona leather jacket, which is a staple in Bryce's wardrobe, inspired the ribbed stitching on the Harper 3 upper.

“It’s so fun and rewarding to see how the Harper cleats evolve each year. They keep getting better with every iteration. When I wear them, or see other athletes and kids wearing them, it’s a constant reminder of where I came from and what I’m out here playing for. I couldn’t ask for more from Under Armour and I’m so excited to share the Harper 3 with the world.” - Bryce Harper


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