Kansas Salute to Service Uniforms

Kansas honors WWII veterans with alternate uniforms for their Salute to Service game this week. The Jayhawks alternate uniforms include a patch on the front of the jersey that reads "KU WWII Vets", along with a patch of the KU World War II Memorial Campanile on the backs of the jerseys. The teamโ€™s jersey will also feature a striped blue-and-red shoulder pattern that was worn by the Kansas football team in the 1940s.

The font for the alternate uniform draws its inspiration from the one used on the fighter planes in WWII. The jersey is a white and light gray pattern, an ode to the color of the Jayhawk fighter planes.

The helmets for this look will mimic the fighter planes that had Jayhawks painted on them, with the 1941 Jayhawk superimposed over a sheet metal texture. The pants are a solid blue with a white KU, in the same font used on the 1941 Jayhawk, located on the right hip.


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